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Wind Power Connection

Wind power’s clean energy has the potential of meeting the country’s needs within 10 years. One big hurdle still exists - moving wind energy from where it blows to where it needs to go.
Wind Power Connection

Wind power

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Show 0821: Wind Power Connection

Air date: May 25, 2008



Rob:  Proponents of wind power say this clean energy could, all by itself, meet our country’s energy needs within 10 years.  But one big hurdle still exists, getting the wind energy from where the wind blows, to where it’s needed most.

Rob:  That’s why O G & E Energy Corporation is proposing a new 250-million-dollar transmission line between Oklahoma City and their wind farms near Woodward.

Pete Delaney:  Without the transmission, we can’t have wind power development.  Developers can’t get paid for selling their energy.  And so that transmission backbone is absolutely critical to the development of Oklahoma wind resources.

Rob:  Delaney says some estimate western Oklahoma’ s wind generating capacity at 20-million mega-watts, which is more than triple what O G & E can now produce.  Still, Delaney knows, even in a state like Oklahoma, the wind remains an intermittent energy source.

Pete Delaney:  When the wind blows, is when it’s like this time of year, April, May, we get the most sustained production.  When it’s 100 degrees out, we get nothing out of the wind farms.  When it’s 10 degrees out, we get very little out of the wind farms.  That’s when we really need it.

Rob:  So while O G & E is investing heavily into wind power, Delaney knows the winds of change can only blow so hard.