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Dead Center Film Festival

As the film industry continues to grow in Oklahoma, there is one event quickly becoming a cult favorite, the Dead Center Film Festival.
Dead Center Film Festival

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Dead Center Film Festival

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Show 0823: Dead Center Film Festival

Air date: June 8, 2008



Brian:  As the film industry continues to grow in Oklahoma, there is one event quickly becoming a cult favorite, the eighth annual Dead Center Film Festival starts next week in Oklahoma City.  This year’s festival is projected to bring six thousand filmmakers and enthusiasts from all across the globe to watch over one hundred national and international, award-winning independent films.  Our Rob McClendon reports.

Rob:  The cameras are rolling as filmmakers from across the country head to the dead center of the U S each summer, for Oklahoma City’s Dead Center Film Festival.

I was really blown away by a film called, Cloud Symphony.

Rob:  Film viewers are not the only ones that like what they see.  Filmmakers say the annual event puts their talent in the spotlight, and gives their independent films a shot at the silver screen.

Dead Center does a lot for Oklahoma film, because it generates interest inside the state for Oklahoma filmmakers.  It gives them a venue to show their films here in Oklahoma.

Rob:  In order for a film to be shown at the festival, filmmakers submit their films and hope that it’s selected by festival organizers and panelists.

For the Oklahoma filmmakers, they get to compete nationally.  Dead Center is a competitive film festival, so you have to submit, be accepted, and then you compete with the rest of the films here.  Travel and tourism-wise, we have filmmakers from all over the country and Canada who come into Oklahoma to represent their film.

Rob:  Dead Center founder, Justin Floyd, says he never dreamed his baby would grow so big.

We’ve got people this year from Canada.  We’ve got every state that touches the state of Oklahoma, people from California, New York, L A.  I mean, we’re starting to build an identity as a film community.  I’ve had an opportunity to travel and kind of work everywhere; and, there’s no place like Oklahoma.

Rob:  And while there’s no place like home, visitors to the state like what they see as well.

We can actually bring a film into the heartland of the United States, a film you wouldn’t necessarily see, you know, in a big theater, or wherever, so that people come out and see and get a chance to enjoy cinema.

It’s exciting to actually come back to where I was born and come back with a film.

Rob:  Filmmakers say their job is more than just the craft of shooting and directing.  It’s much more personal.

To make people laugh and enjoy life, and happy that they actually are not alone in this world, that’s why I make movies.  I want people to sit down and watch the movies that I make, and go, you know I don’t feel alone anymore; I feel like this person understands me.

Rob:  An understanding these filmmakers hope can someday make Oklahoma City the dead center of the film industry.