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America's Top Dog

Travis Brorsen is a reality star and America's top dog owner all thanks to man's best friend and the lessons he learned while still a student.
America's Top Dog

Man and Dog

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Show 0849: America's Top Dog

Air date: December 7, 2009



Rob:  When Travis Brorsen moved to the dog-eat-dog world of Hollywood, he left some of his best friends behind in Perry, Oklahoma.  Now, he’s a reality TV star and America’s top dog owner, all thanks to man’s best friend and the lessons he learned while still a student.

Travis Brorsen:  I’d holler at him, and he’d run the other way.  He was just my dog.  You know if I could get him to sit and stay for 10 seconds, we were getting somewhere.

Rob:  Something that quickly changed when Travis got the final spot on America’s Top Dog, a reality show that pitted him and his dog, Presley, against professional dog trainers.

Brorsen:  They gave us a hard time about doing baby talk to your dog; but I was like, well, he responds so well when I talk to him like he’s a child, that I was like, how could I not do it.

Rob:  And while the other contestants may have had more experience training animals, they didn’t hesitate to help.  A complete novice, like Travis, trained Presley into a winner.

Brorsen:  You know, they like dogs so much that you could actually ask them questions; like, oh well I’m having a hard time getting Presley to do this.  And they don’t think in terms of the competition at that point.  They think in terms of, well I have all this info, and I want you to know that I know it.

Rob:  Lessons Travis learned well.

The greatest American dog is... Presley!  (Applause, cheers!)

Rob:  After winning the grand prize, Travis put his fledgling acting career on hold to travel with Presley visiting hospitals and schools around the country.

Brorsen:  It really is amazing seeing people who aren’t feeling well, when they’re around animals.  You know, I’d always heard stories, but me not being a huge dog person, not knowing a lot about them.  I didn’t know what kind of impact they could have on people.

Rob:  Back in his hometown of Perry, Oklahoma, Presley is certainly the star while Travis visits with students on the dangers of drugs, urging them to avoid such pitfalls that could keep them from following their dreams.  Life lessons Travis says he learned right here, participating in the FFA.

Brorsen:  It wasn’t until I moved to LA, and actually did some things that I looked back and thought, all those things I spoke about as a state FFA officer, you know setting goals, setting short-term goals, then long-term goals, you know, and not looking at the big picture before you, you know, figure out what to do on a day-by-day basis, that I actually put my own speeches and my own advice to use.

Rob:  That Travis attributes to his success on the show, and in life.

Brorsen:  Being in the FFA, getting a lot of constructive criticism, you know from judges at speech contest, from Ag teachers, you know, from, even from my own peers, you know my state FFA officers.  You know, no matter what the constructive criticism was about, but being able to take that and turn it into something positive, because on this show we had judges saying what were you doing; what were you thinking; how did you do that?  And a lot of the other contestants, you know they’d go back to the house and they would gripe and they would complain and say what are they doing, and they would be miserable; and I’m thinking, hey why don’t you just take it for what it’s worth, if it’s something you want to put to practice, great, if it’s not, then you know, just brush it off, like you know, it’s not the end of the world; it’s just somebody’s opinion.  And that was really for me, you know, having that positive attitude, you know which is something that the CareerTech really taught me was that it can get you through anything.

Rob:  Well Travis is back in Hollywood where he has landed some national commercials and says, while he has enjoyed the celebrity he and his dog have attained, all his next auditions will be of the two-legged kind.