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Oklahoma Moment - Arthur Ramsey

We take a peek at a moment in Oklahoma's History from the Oklahoma History Center. This week's peek showcases Arthur Ramsey, Oklahoma's news reel man.
Oklahoma Moment - Arthur Ramsey

Arthur Ramsey

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Show 0832: Oklahoma Moment - Arthur Ramsey

Air date: August 10, 2008



From archived film:  Mr. and Mrs. Pope, what do you think about your son’s flight around the world?  I think it’s just wonderful, and I certainly will be glad when he returns.

Narrator:  Arthur Ramsey brought sound motion picture production to Oklahoma City during the early years of the depression.  He filmed family.  He filmed historic events for the newsreels.

From archived film:  This bird is named, Pepper Martin, and is a kissing canary.  I’m only sorry it’s not a cardinal.

Narrator:  He filmed personalities.

From archived film:  To obtain votes with false promises is worse than to obtain money with false pretenses.

Narrator:  He even became captain of the combat film office during World War II.  Arthur Ramsey captured those special sights and sounds of that special decade of the 1930s for Oklahoma, and the world, Arthur Ramsey, Oklahoma’s newsreel cameraman.