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Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame

Oklahoma's musical heritage is as diverse as our geography. Country-western, jazz, swing, folk, gospel, and rock all make up a sound that is distinctly Oklahoman.
Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame

OK Music Hall of Fame

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Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame

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Show 0831: Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame

Air date: August 3, 2008



Rob:  Oklahoma’s musical heritage is as diverse as our geography.  Country-western, jazz, swing, folk, gospel, and even rock, all make up a sound that is distinctly Oklahoman.  Today, we look at our musical heritage and our musical future; and there’s no better place to start than at Oklahoma’s Music Hall Of Fame in Muskogee.  Our Alisa Hines takes us there.

Museum Visitors:  Is he from Oklahoma?

Alisa:  It’s a common refrain from visitors to the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.

Mary Lou Haslemann & Rosemary Streich:  It’s done well, this wall.  Very nice.

Alisa:  What they found was a museum that covers Oklahoma’s musical heritage, executive director, Joel Everett.

Joel Everett:  The Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame was set up by an act of the state legislature, Muskogee is the official home of that.  A lot of musical ties here going back to early jazz when Muskogee was a melting pot.

Alisa:  Housed in an old train depot, the museum honors artists and those who work behind the scenes to create Oklahoma’s music industry.

Joel Everett:  These careers, these lives, they’re trackable; they’re nationwide and international.  A lot of these folks worked in obscurity, too.  They weren’t particularly famous across the board, so part of it is to acknowledge their contributions to the music and entertainment industry.

Alisa:  And also gives a boost to our state.

Jerry McPeak:  Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame happens to be in Muskogee, but it can be a benefit for all of Oklahoma.

Alisa:  State representative, Jerry McPeak, says the Hall of Fame elevates Oklahoma’s musical heritage to it’s proper place while giving visitors a new perspective.

Jerry McPeak:  I mean, Oklahoma, this is one of our natural resources, our talent.  It’s good for our youngsters to find out how much talent there is here in Oklahoma and how famous these folks have been and what opportunity they have.  Sometimes we get to thinking, well we’re from Oklahoma, shucks, but we’re from Oklahoma, Great! Because they really do have opportunities.

Alisa:  That has put Oklahomans at the top of the music charts.

It’s very fitting that we do it in Muskogee, because one of the first albums that I can remember knowing from top to bottom and trying to learn on acoustic in grade school was Haggard Life from Muskogee.

Alisa:  Each year the hall of fame holds an induction ceremony, paying tribute to today’s stars.

On behalf of the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame and Museum, it’s my great pleasure to present you with the Rising Star Award, Carrie Underwood.

Alisa:  While recognizing those who led the way.

I’m so proud to be here in Muskogee, Oklahoma, and I’m proud to be an OKIE.

Joel Everett:  If it’s a case where we’re doing a tribute for inductees deceased, we might have a band, or a friend, or somebody in the family chooses to play for them.

I’m very honored to be here tonight to honor Carl.  In fact, if it wasn’t for Carl, none of us up here really would have had a gig.

Joel Everett:  As in the case of Carl Radle, last year, who was inducted.  He was with Erik Clapton for so many years, and his band came together in Muskogee last year and played.

Alisa:  Bringing back Oklahoma’s musical greats while giving fans a new appreciation for our musical heritage.

Mary Lou Haslemann:  This is wonderful.

Rosemary Streich:  We’re impressed with it.

Haslemann: It’s very nice that you recognize the stars of country music.

Rob:  To see a full feature on one of the Hall of Fame’s recent inductees, just head to our website at and click on value added.