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One Cent Solution
Some Oklahoma lawmakers believe the future of rural Oklahoma could well be determined by what is bought in town.
Made in Oklahoma - Schwab Meat Company
In this week's Made in Oklahoma moment, we visit an Oklahoma City food producer that we've all enjoyed without even knowing it.
Port 33 Exports
We visit a small port, along a small river, that few Oklahomans even know exists, to see some of the work being done locally to increase sales globally through ...
Avard Railway
We visit Avard, Oklahoma, where an effort is underway to increase rail access from western Oklahoma to the world.
Interview with James Foley - Global Trade
We visit with James Foley who is the author of "The Global Entrepreneur, Taking Your Business International," to get some common sense tips on global trade.
Creativity World Forum - Metro Tech
Going global is as much about attitude as it is expertise; that's why when given the opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs from all around the globe, a ...
Made in Oklahoma - Pete's Place
In this week's Made in Oklahoma moment, we visit a restaurant that has history all its own.
Kerr Center
OETA's Cathy Tatom takes us to Poteau, Oklahoma, where one longtime Oklahoma Senator left quite a legacy.
Jim E. Hamilton Correctional Center
It’s now been forty years since Oklahoma established the first inmate training facility in the nation. A vision of Oklahoma lawmaker Jim E. Hamilton that now ...
For skills center students, finding employment can be challenging but there is help. Skills center staff work closely with WorkForce Oklahoma, local agencies ...
Youthful Offender
Lowering our state's recidivism rate is the goal of the youthful offenders program in Oklahoma. Breaking the cycle of crime and punishment while also providing ...
Ardmore Community Work Center
Not only does work at the skills centers save taxpayer dollars by lowering re-incarceration rates, the program also provides inexpensive labor.
H2A Legal Immigration
Illegal immigration continues to be a hot button issue in parts of the country; but, lost in that debate is the role legal immigration plays in our economy. ...
Interview with Governor Mary Fallin
We visit with newly elected Governor of Oklahoma, Mary Fallin, about her strategy to attract jobs to the state.
Food Shortages
As political unrest has broken out in several Arab countries, political repression and the social media revolution have largely been credited for spurring the ...
Made in Oklahoma - Head Country Barbeque
In this week's Made in Oklahoma moment, we head to Ponca City to visit one of the state's more famous food companies, Head Country Barbeque.
Social Media Revolution
We take a look at a fundamental shift in the way we communicate, and the impact it has on everything from how we do business to our personal lives and we’ll ...
Interview with Jeff Pulver - 140 Conference
We visit with Jeff Pulver the organizer of the 140 conference and discuss all things twitter.
Journalism Impact
Social media may not be the death of journalism as we've always known it, but rather a movement that emphasizes some of journalism's key factors like ...
Interview with Simran Sethi - 140 Conference
We visit with emmy award winning journalist and Kansas University professor, Simran Sethi to discuss what social media means for journalism ethics.
Solar Homes
We show you how a growing number of Oklahomans are using the sun to lower their household energy bills and are entering the solar age on their own.
Solar Industry - High Plains Technolocy Center
In a world where energy consumption will only go up…solar energy has tremendous potential; yet, still meets only the tiniest fraction of man’s need for power.
Interview with Garry Golden - Oklahoma's Solar Future
We visit with industry insider and energy futurist Garry Golden and ask the question … can Oklahoma’s energy companies make the transition into a renewable ...
Made in Oklahoma - Natural Water Company
We kick-off made in Oklahoma month with a trip to natural water company in Norman, Oklahoma.
Paramedic Preacher
We visit Ringwood, Oklahoma, where an innovative classroom is literally saving lives.
iPad Classroom
School textbooks may someday be as antiquated as the old blue ink mimeograph machines. Thanks to new computer tablets, classroom curriculum is becoming much ...
Interview with Kevin Honeycutt - 140 Character Conference
We visit with Kevin Honeycutt, a longtime educator and social media proponent, about introducing new technology into the classroom.
New medical technology in the classroom is giving Oklahoma students some hands-on experience, even if it is not flesh and blood.
Made in Oklahoma - The Local Table
In this week's Made in Oklahoma moment, we travel to Tulsa to enjoy some one of a kind, down-home cooking.
Interview with Wayne Krehbiel - Ag Hall of Fame
Wayne Krehbiel receives the Governor's Outstanding Achievement Award in Agriculture for his life-long commitment and work in the ag industry.