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Cattle Drive - Head 'Em Up & Move 'Em Out
Today's cattle drives may be much smaller and cover fewer miles than they used too, but the Old West spirit on the trail remains the same.
Food Desert - No Fresh Foods Here
Rural and urban neighborhoods have seen decline in population, as well as malnutrition and obesity among residents, due to a lack of fresh foods being ...
Cost of Good Nutrition - Fresh is Better
Buying fresh fruits and vegetables may seem expensive, but the long-term health benefits are definitely worth the cost.
Farm-to-School Program - Out in the Garden
The Farm-to-School Program has launched the "Out in the Garden" video series to help educate elementary school children on the importance of good nutrition.
Bill Symonds Interview -- Pathways to Prosperity
We discuss the mismatch of skills to job openings in our state with Bill Symonds, the Pathways to Prosperity project director at the Harvard Graduate School of ...
Oklahoma HORIZON TV - Show 1226
This week on Oklahoma HORIZON... careers in aerospace, unmanned aerial vehicles, SkillsUSA construction training, and Pathways to Prosperity.
Made in Oklahoma - Cheevers Cafe
In this week's Made in Oklahoma moment, we visit a restaurant that puts a new twist on some traditional dinner favorites.
Retired Educators for Youth Agricultural Programs - Part 1
In a team report we look at the Retired Educators for Youth Agricultural Program, a non-profit organization that is encouraging African-Americans, and all ...
Retired Educators for Youth Agricultural Programs - Part 2
We continue our report on the Retired Educators for Youth Agricultural Program.
Made in Oklahoma - In Germany with Chef Kurt
Travel to Europe and there is a fascination with the American West, not just out culture, but our food. One of the reasons a group of Oklahomans traveled to ...
Meridian Food Pantry
Hunger in America does not look like the images we have grown accustomed to seeing in developing nations. In this country, we have never had a famine yet ...
Deaf Mechanic
Over three hundred aerospace-related companies generate an industrial output of more than one billion dollars each year right in Oklahoma. And with it a steady ...
There is a whole other world underground; miles and miles of sewers and pipes, and all of it aging.
On the Grid
Infrastructure is vital to the American economy; but too often, out of sight is out of mind.
One Cent Solution
Some Oklahoma lawmakers believe the future of rural Oklahoma could well be determined by what is bought in town.
Made in Oklahoma - Schwab Meat Company
In this week's Made in Oklahoma moment, we visit an Oklahoma City food producer that we've all enjoyed without even knowing it.
Port 33 Exports
We visit a small port, along a small river, that few Oklahomans even know exists, to see some of the work being done locally to increase sales globally through ...
Avard Railway
We visit Avard, Oklahoma, where an effort is underway to increase rail access from western Oklahoma to the world.
Interview with James Foley - Global Trade
We visit with James Foley who is the author of "The Global Entrepreneur, Taking Your Business International," to get some common sense tips on global trade.
Creativity World Forum - Metro Tech
Going global is as much about attitude as it is expertise; that's why when given the opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs from all around the globe, a ...
Made in Oklahoma - Pete's Place
In this week's Made in Oklahoma moment, we visit a restaurant that has history all its own.
Kerr Center
OETA's Cathy Tatom takes us to Poteau, Oklahoma, where one longtime Oklahoma Senator left quite a legacy.
Prescription Addiction - Rehab for Drug Abusers
Prescription drug abuse cuts across all age groups and economic classes; often times sneaking up on people and taking over their lives.
Prescription Drug Addiction - Prison
Prescription drug addiction is a problem that often does not end up in rehab; today we explore the impact prescription addiction is having on our prisons.
Pharmacy Danger
The controversy surrounding the shooting of a 16-year-old robbery suspect at an Oklahoma City pharmacy last year has overshadowed another disturbing trend, ...
Prescription drug abuse has become so wide spread amoung young people that they even have a name for it, they call it pharming.
Prison Redemption
If there's a path that leads to prison, drugs would most certainly be on it. We meet a man who is serving a sentence that has put him on the long road in ...
Jim E. Hamilton Correctional Center
It’s now been forty years since Oklahoma established the first inmate training facility in the nation. A vision of Oklahoma lawmaker Jim E. Hamilton that now ...
For skills center students, finding employment can be challenging but there is help. Skills center staff work closely with WorkForce Oklahoma, local agencies ...
Youthful Offender
Lowering our state's recidivism rate is the goal of the youthful offenders program in Oklahoma. Breaking the cycle of crime and punishment while also providing ...