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Fuel Impact - Rodeos
Rodeo cowboys are a tough lot, yet some are having to call it quits. Not because of a bucking bronco, but the high cost of fuel.
Selman Bat Watch
The Mexican free-tailed bat migrates to Oklahoma each year. These bats are providing a huge economic benefit to local farmers and ranchers and tourist can even ...
Future of Farms
A growing number of farmers say the current business model of buying more land and planting more crops is not sustainable. But there's a new group interested ...
Organic Farming
Producing food closer to home and all organically is the business strategy of a farm family whose farm is located in the middle of some million dollar homes. ...
Interview with Phil Smith - Federal Budget Deficit
We visit with Phil Smith, national director of the Concord Coalition, about what can be done to our federal budget deficit.
Solar Power
One potential energy source is pretty much a constant without harming the environment. A growing number of Americans are counting their energy savings thanks ...
Solar Race
We're all waiting the day when we can ditch our gas guzzling cars and power our morning commutes using nothing but the sun. Believe it or not, that day may not ...
Oklahoma League for the Blind
It's easy to take for granted something as simple as making dinner, but for those with disabilities, mundane, every day tasks can be nearly impossible. ...
Oklahoma ABLE Tech
Millions of people with disabilities rely on assistive technology to help them gain and maintain independence and thanks to a partnership with Oklahoma ABLE ...
Friday Night Fuel Costs
High school football is a Friday night tradition in Oklahoma, but thanks to rising fuel costs, school administrators are struggling with how to fund the fuel ...
Nurse Shortage
Oklahoma nursing students are facing a shortage of teachers and fewer teachers now could mean fewer nurses in the future.
Teacher Certification
Healthcare isn't alone in it's need for qualified instructors, work is underway to help those in industry return to the classroom.
Directing workers to high growth and high need industries is starting at a much earlier age these days. We visit a summer camp where careers is the focus.
Work Ready Communities
With new companies coming into the state, there’s a need not just for new workers, but workers who are properly trained. A new work-ready designation allows ...
Access Optics
We visit an Oklahoma company using nano technology to help everyone from surgeons to scientists to see better.
OK Airbase Impact
With twenty-seven thousand workers, Tinker Air Force Base is Oklahoma’s largest single site employer. Impacting not only Oklahoma City’s economy, but the ...
Afghan Flight Training
Oklahoma aviation expertise helps those around the world. The latest example, a project to make the skies over Afghanistan safer. We introduce you to some ...
Grape Harvest
Oklahoma wineries are enjoying a bountiful grape harvest this year and with it, the annual rite of the grape stomp.
Indian Creek Village Winery
Wine tours are becoming commonplace all across the state; something that has turned agriculture into agritourism. We visit Ringwood, Oklahoma, to see how ...
Grandparents raising their grandchildren is a growing trend across the country. We look at parenting help the second time around.
Pickens Plan
T. Boone Pickens is on the road promoting what he's calling the Pickens Plan.
Carbon Credits
While some landowners are reaping "wind falls" from the wind, a pilot program in Oklahoma is allowing farmers to be paid for farming practices that protect ...
Insure Oklahoma
A program that subsidizes health insurance for small businesses and their lower wage employees is being nationally recognized as a model for insurance aid.
Sooner Care
Some low income children in Oklahoma don't have health insurance but a new program called Sooner Care can help.
Health Savings Accounts
The increasing cost of health coverage is an issue with national implications.
Health Benefits
While it can be a significant expense, a growing number of Oklahoma employers believe the benefits of health coverage out weigh the costs.
Real World Challenge
Some new technology is helping students in Oklahoma maintain a globally competitive edge.
Soldier HUGS
Meet an Oklahoma philanthropist who is helping soldiers half a world a way...keep their cool and who caught the eye of the President.
Economics of Sports
Oklahoma has long been known as a powerhouse for college and high school sports but never before has the state had a major professional team to call it's own ...
Credit Crunch
Call it a recession, call it a meltdown, or call it an adjustment we are in some interesting economic times but so far, Oklahoma has faired much better than ...