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Interview with Kirk Smalley - Bullying…A Father's Tale - Part 1
We visit with Kirk Smalley, a father whose life was forever changed the day his 12-year-old son took his life because of school bullying.
Interview with Kirk Smalley - Bullying…A Father's Tale - Part 2
We visit with Kirk Smalley, a father whose life was forever changed the day his 12-year-old son took his life because of school bullying.
Final Thoughts
Rob McClendon shares his views on today's show.
Kirk Smalley Interview - Part 3 - Bullying...A Father's Tale
We conclude our visit with Kirk Smalley, a father whose life was forever changed the day his 12-year-old son took his life because of school bullying.
School Violence - School Violence Prevention
We attend Indian Capitol Technology Center's mock drill of a school campus shooting to gain insight into how bullying leads to suicide and homicide.
Weekly Telegram 26 - Bullying - A Boy Bullied
In this week's weekly telegram, Will Roberts tells us how he was a victim of bullying as a young school boy.
Oklahoma Energy - Energy Independence
Across our country there is more oil and gas drilling than in the rest of the world combined; and, if domestic oil production continues to rise we could ...
2012 OSU Energy Conference - CNG vs. Gas
A growing number of individuals are making the switch to vehicles that run on natural gas, the cleaner burning fuel. We visit with Aubrey McClendon the CEO of ...
Blue River Conservation - Conservation OKIE Style
We take a look at a partnership between the Chickasaw Nation and the Nature Conservancy geared at cleaning up south central Oklahoma's Blue River.
Dam Conservation - Rebuilding our Infrastructure
Low water dams are environmental and an economic benefit to our state in reducing flooding during peiods of heavy rainfall and suppling water during dry spells.
Goat Mowers
We take a look at a new trend in lawn care that removes unwanted vegetation in hard to manage places... goats.
2012 Soil Judging - Down and Dirty
Soil... we attend the 61st Annual National Soil Judging Contest to learn the importance of the land beneath our feet.
Weekly Telegram 27 - Conserving Energy
In this week's weekly telegram, Will Roberts shares his views on conserving energy.
Oklahoma Veterans - Welcome Home!
We take a look at a coordinated effort that's underway to help veterans re-enter the civilian workforce in Oklahoma and reduce unemployment rates.
OK Military Connection
OK-CIS Military Connection, a national career information delivery system specifically tailored for Oklahomans, is a no-cost website that can help veterans cut ...
Camp Gruber Chapel - Little Chapel in the Woods
Camp Gruber Chapel is designed to help veterans with unique medical needs and emotional support when they return home from active duty.
Rita Aragon Interview - Veteran Affairs
We visit with Oklahoma's Secretary of Veteran Affairs, Retired Two-Star General Rita Aragon, about some of the challenges our veterans now face.
Weekly Telegram 28 - Veteran Perspective
In this week's Weekly Telegram, Will Roberts gives us his insights on veterans returning home from service.
McAAP - Busting Bunkers Here
We travel to the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant where more than 1500 Oklahomans earn their federal pay check.
Work - Ready Region Celebration - We Are Work Ready
Industry in McAlester, Oklahoma, is certainly not alone in needing the right employees for the right job. We attend an event there to find out why residents ...
Whispering Meadows Vineyard & Winery - Downtown Fruit
Located in downtown McAlester, Whispering Meadows Winery is a one stop shop for any wine connoisseur.
Webcoat - Keeping The Heat Off Our Rears
We step inside a McAlester factory that makes a leisurely afternoon on a park bench, all the more comfortable.
Atlantic Meeco - Staying Afloat
We visit a marina manufacturer in McAlester that any lake enthusiast should appreciate.
Wheat Harvest 2012 - Amber Waves of Grain
After last year's struggle with drought wheat growers in western Oklahoma are having a bumper crop.
New Zealand Farm Subsidies - No Farm Subsidies For This Country
While still an active American debate, farm subsidies in New Zealand were abolished in the 1980s.
Kyle Dillingham Interview - Play That Fiddle Hard
We visit with a world-renowned fiddle sensation who is also Oklahoma's Musical Ambassador, Kyle Dillingham.
The Life Symphony - Kyle Dillingham
Kyle Dillingham performs The Life Symphony, a brand new work by Oklahoma composer Callen Clark for solo violin and symphony orchestra.
Final Thoughts - Fiddler Kyle Dillingham Performs
We leave you with more music from Kyle Dillingham.
Oklahoma HORIZON TV - Show 1224
This week on Oklahoma HORIZON... Oklahoma's wheat harvest and the debate over farm subsidies, along with fantastic musicical performances by Kyle Dillingham.
Cattle Producers - Drought Recovery - Rebuilding the Herd
Southwestern Oklahoma cattle producers are bouncing back after last year's devastating drought.