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Boom N Bust
Our state's two largest industries, oil and agriculture, have seen booms before only to see them end with a bust. We look at the fear that there's always a ...
Risk Management
Risk is a part of any business but when you factor economics and weather, nothing is more risky than agriculture.
Jenks Aquarium
If high prices at the pump have put a damper on your summer travel plans...there are plenty of things to do right here at home.
We go behind the scenes to see how future law enforcement officers are being prepared.
Agro Terrorism
We look to see if our food supply is at risk for terrorism.
Rising Food Cost
An Oklahoma based organization is helping feed low income families, thanks to the work of some highly ambitious young people.
We look at a new program Oklahoma’s Department of Agriculture believes can make small scale farmers more competitive in the marketplace.
Sigma Meat Plant
The growing number of Hispanics in the country is growing a new business in Oklahoma.
Hispanic Growth
Immigration is becoming a hot button issue this election year, producing mixed feelings both with the legislature and on the street.
Shipping Dilemma
This year's wheat crop is now in the bin, but that doesn't mean this year's wheat harvest is over.
Land Judging
Spending the day in a hole under the hot Oklahoma sun may not sound like fun to most of us, but don't tell that to more than 700 students who traveled to ...
Oklahoma's Frank Austin has spent years studying the land and building conservation programs for it which is helping to turn Oklahoma land into something ...
Jewelry Making
A new program at Tulsa Technology Center is helping prepare students for careers in the jewelry industry from design to manufacturing and repair.
Youthful Offenders
Lowering our state's recidivism rate is the goal of the youthful offenders program in Oklahoma. Breaking the cycle of crime and punishment while also providing ...
Red Cedar
Cedar trees are a huge problem in Oklahoma. See how one group of Oklahomans wants to turn what most see as a menace into money.
Farm Family Conservation
Each year the Oklahoma Farm Bureau honors an Oklahoma family for their work on the farm. 2008's winner has a very unique operation.
Special Olympics
Each year Oklahoma special olympics gives young people with special needs the opportunity to compete thanks, in large part, to the hard work of a lot of ...
Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame
Oklahoma's musical heritage is as diverse as our geography. Country-western, jazz, swing, folk, gospel, and rock all make up a sound that is distinctly ...
Oklahoma Moment - Wild West Shows
We take a peek at a moment in Oklahoma's History from the Oklahoma History Center. This week's peek showcases Wild West Shows.
Gene Autry Museum
Born the same year as the birth of our state, Gene Autry created the image of the singing cowboy. We visit the town and museum that carries his namesake.
Red Dirt Rangers
Red Dirt is not just a musical genre, it is also the name of a band, the Red Dirt Rangers. We take a look at this homegrown band that's earned a national ...
Gypsum Mine
A natural occurring mineral now used in construction of virtually every home and office building around the world.
Coal Mine
Southeastern Oklahoma is home to our state's timber industry, but what's underground also energizes our economy. We take an indepth look at Oklahoma's coal ...
Oklahoma Moment - Arthur Ramsey
We take a peek at a moment in Oklahoma's History from the Oklahoma History Center. This week's peek showcases Arthur Ramsey, Oklahoma's news reel man.
Solar Salt
In an area known for hot, dry summers and never ending wind, salt has become an industry.
When most people think of Oklahoma, it's the prairie that comes to mind...with not a tree in sight. But when it comes to terrain, our state is as diverse as ...
Talking Trees Campground
From hunting leases to hiking trails, one area that continues to grow in popularity is forest recreation.
METS Mobile Lab
While Oklahoma's manufacturing industry is booming, the number of qualified workers isn't keeping up. A new mobile classroom is designed to attract new talent ...
Oklahoma Freewheel
A 400 mile bicycle ride in the Oklahoma heat may not sound like a vacation to most of us, but for one group of hardy souls, Oklahoma Freewheel is a chance to ...
Kumback Café
The Kumback Café in Perry, Oklahoma, is a local diner with local color and a national reputation.