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Coal Mine
Coal mining is big money for many small communities in southeastern Oklahoma.
Oklahoma Energy Impact
Oklahoma’s energy industry is vital to the state’s economy.
Lucrative Career in Pipelining
Value Added: An unprecedented partnership with the Osage Nation is bringing jobs to Oklahomans, both tribal members and others.
Wind Tower Technician Training
Value Added: A CareerTech program provides wind tower technician training to meet industry needs.
Oklahoma Tremors & Booms
Oklahoma is topping the charts for the most seismic activity in the nation, and many people are pointing fingers at the oil and gas industry.
Oil Rig Life
Oil rig drilling crews, who work long hours outside in all types of weather, have a very taxing job that pays well.
Jason Brown - Price of Electricity
Economist Jason Brown says growing natural gas production is lowering the cost of electricity.
Eco-friendly Homes
Energy conservation is something we all can do, from how we live to where we live. That's why work is underway to improvie the energy effeciencey of new homes, ...
National Security
Conversation with former Director of the CIA, James Woolsey, about our energy needs and it's impact on our National security.
Biofuel Economics
In 2007, Congress will be in the midst of writing a new farm bill. Legislation many believe will greatly increase funding for bio-based energy. And it's an ...
Oklahoma is leading the Nation in developing biomass crops, which many believe is the true answer to our country's energy needs.
Fast Food Fuel
When it comes to conserving energy, every little bit helps. Which is why the University of Central Oklahoma is fueling it's fleet of vehicles with help from ...
Energy Independent - Brazil
Brazil's government determined during the gas crisis of the 1970's, they needed to be energy independent. Today, sugar cane ethanol now accounts for nearly ...
Energy Savings - Heat Pump Energy
An oklahoma man that is often referred to as the godfather of heat pumps, says there is a cheaper, more energy-efficient way to do what the conventional ...
Interview with Matthew Simmons
Businessman, author, and energy expert Matthew Simmons, shares his 35 years of experience and insight into the energy industry.
Emerging Energy
Abundant, reliable and affordable energy is essential for America to have a strong economy. Oklahoma Horizon’s Jessica Lowe looks at some unique solutions to ...
Wind Power
The community of Woodward is learning to embrace its windiness since becoming home to the Oklahoma Wind Energy Center.
Renewable Energy
In the quest for alternative energy sources, canola may provide an answer.
Oklahoma FFA - Help After the Storm
Value Added: Six months after the tornado in Greensburg, Kan., cleanup is continuing. One Oklahoma FFA chapter is helping this small town grow once again.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1312
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we take a look at Gov. Mary Fallin’s plan for Oklahoma and a piece of legislation that could save lives.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1451
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at how Oklahoma is a superhero when it comes to growing the state’s economic prosperity.
A Look Back at 2014
Oklahoma’s job market continues to grow at a robust pace, but recent drops in oil prices could slow growth in 2015.
Larry Parman - Oklahoma is Batman?
Commerce Secretary Larry Parman, stepping down at the end of 2014, says Oklahoma's economy could learn something from a certain superhero.
Plunging Oil Prices – Mixed Emotions
Dropping oil prices could slow, but not end the shale gas boom in the United States.
Oklahoma FFA - Help After the Storm
Value Added: Six months after the tornado in Greensburg, Kan., cleanup is continuing. One Oklahoma FFA chapter is helping this small town grow once again.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1506
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at the history and the future of Oklahoma energy giant Phillips 66.
State Budget Hole
Oklahoma has a budget hole, and it’s our state lawmakers’ primary function to fill it.
Phillips 66 Research History
Take a look at the development of the Phillips 66 Research Center.
Innovations at Phillips 66
Many people think of Phillips 66 as an oil and gas company, but it makes many other innovative products.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1510
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we’ll take you on a tour of Oklahoma’s burgeoning wine industry and look at prospects for farmers in a drier climate.