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Solar Homes
We show you how a growing number of Oklahomans are using the sun to lower their household energy bills and are entering the solar age on their own.
Solar Industry - High Plains Technolocy Center
In a world where energy consumption will only go up…solar energy has tremendous potential; yet, still meets only the tiniest fraction of man’s need for power.
Interview with Shawna McWaters-Khalousi - Green Job Initiatives
We visit with Shawna McWaters-Khalousi from the Department of Commerce to learn more about Oklahoma's green jobs initiative.
Interview with Garry Golden - Oklahoma's Solar Future
We visit with industry insider and energy futurist Garry Golden and ask the question … can Oklahoma’s energy companies make the transition into a renewable ...
Made in Oklahoma - Natural Water Company
We kick-off made in Oklahoma month with a trip to natural water company in Norman, Oklahoma.
Paramedic Preacher
We visit Ringwood, Oklahoma, where an innovative classroom is literally saving lives.
iPad Classroom
School textbooks may someday be as antiquated as the old blue ink mimeograph machines. Thanks to new computer tablets, classroom curriculum is becoming much ...
Interview with Kevin Honeycutt - 140 Character Conference
We visit with Kevin Honeycutt, a longtime educator and social media proponent, about introducing new technology into the classroom.
New medical technology in the classroom is giving Oklahoma students some hands-on experience, even if it is not flesh and blood.
Interview with Garry Golden - Nanotechnology
We visit with Futurist Garry Golden regarding the role nanotechnology will play in our future.
Made in Oklahoma - The Local Table
In this week's Made in Oklahoma moment, we travel to Tulsa to enjoy some one of a kind, down-home cooking.
Big Energy, Little Places
Researchers at Oklahoma University are finding big energy…in the smallest places. We visit with OU's Dr. McCann about these small energy sources.
Green Grants
The Oklahoma green schools program is committed to empowering and educating students to make a difference in their community by greening up their schools ...
Interview with Larry Walker - Sustainable Energy
We visit with Dr. Larry Walker, a national leader in industrial biotechnology, about the economics of going green.
Green House
When it comes to energy conservation, the biggest difference is often one we make right at home. So, when Northwest Technology Center's Daren Slater decided to ...
Final Thoughts
Rob McClendon shares his views on today's show.
Business Development - New Jobs in Oklahoma
We focus on job creation by talking to the experts whose job it is… to attract jobs into the state.
Lisa Navrkal Interview - Local Job Creation
Stillwater Chamber of Commerce CEO Lisa Navrkal discusses local business development and job creation.
Rob Gragg Interview - Business Development
We visit with Rob Gragg who heads up the group at the Oklahoma Department of Commerce that works with companies and site selectors on all types of job creation.
Hometown PRIDE Training - Invest in Your Town
We take a look at a program called PRIDE Training that is being taught around the state to help communities welcome new businesses.
Mike Seney Interview - ACE Study
We visit with Mike Seney who authored a newly published report by the state chamber's research arm that gives us a look into how Oklahoma's business climate ...
OALP - Scotland - A Look at Scottish Life Thru Oklahoman Eyes
From historic castles to its rugged landscapes, Scotland is a small country but with big character; a people proud of their heritage than spans thousands of ...
OALP - Diversity in Ag - Diversity Just Makes Sense
Farmers in Ireland are learning that diversification is key to the survival of the family farm.
OALP - Irish Tourism - Tourism is Important the World Round
Tourism is an important aspect in Ireland…from ancient castles to the Irish nightlife.
OALP - Irish Ag - Wet Weather Envy
We take a look at the very diverse Irish agriculture and learn how their wet climate factors in.
Ag Teacher of the Year 2012 - Bringing the Farm... to School
We go inside a western Oklahoma classroom to meet a teacher who brings the farm to her classroom to teach everything from English to Math.
Ag in the Classroom Bus Tour - Agriculture Across the State
We join a group of Oklahoma teachers on an Ag in the Classroom bus trip back to the farm to see where our food comes from.
Oklahoma Youth Expo 2012 - Champion Livestock & Leaders
We attend the Oklahoma Youth Expo, the largest Junior Livestock Stock in the world.
Farm Subsidies - Farm Subsidies Still Needed
This year federal lawmakers are scheduled to rewrite the Farm Bill which is a comprehensive piece of legislation that covers everything from the food we eat, ...
Mike Dicks Interview - Freedom to Farm
We visit with Mike Dicks, an Oklahoma State Univeristy economist, who shares some interesting insights into the rules of "unintended consequences" that ...