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Made in Oklahoma - The Brasserie Restaurant and Bar
An Oklahoma chef is offering French cuisine with an Oklahoma twist at his restaurant in Tulsa.
Made in Oklahoma - Field's Pies
If there is a dessert dear to the hearts of Oklahomans, it's pie; and in this week's Made in Oklahoma moment, we visit Fields Pies in Pauls Valley.
OALP Forum
We visit with members of the Oklahoma Agricultural Leadership Program about opportunities for Oklahoma and the agricultural communities that serve it.
Down on the Farm
This past wheat harvest, one of the Oklahoma Agricultural Leadership Program members invited us to join her to see what life was like to be a farmer these days.
OALP Economics
For years old rural towns have shrunk as our nation's economy has shifted towards technology and away from life on the farm, but that may be changing.
OALP Washington
A new Farm Bill is set to be written next year, and what is in it… is important to both farmers and consumers. We discuss the role that bill, and conservation, ...
OALP Reflections
We wrap up our visit with the OALP members and find out how being in the program has helped each of them.
Made in Oklahoma - Pete's Place
In this week's Made in Oklahoma moment, we visit a restaurant that has history all its own.
Community Garden
The Women in Agriculture's dream of planting a community garden in the midst of Oklahoma City's urban landscape has now become a reality all thanks to a ...
Old-Fashioned Cattle Rustling
Cattle rustling is a crime as old as the American West, but today’s thieves take advantage of modern tools to ply an old trade.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1535
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we meet some people trying to solve food insecurity issues with a little work in the garden.
Urban Gardening
A small flower garden at the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Food and Forestry has been transformed into a flourishing community garden.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1340
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at animal-related crimes in our state and wireless technology that is helping to track these animals.
Safe Haven for Rescued Pets
Animal shelters provide care for pets rescued during the devastating Oklahoma storms.