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Dam Conservation - Rebuilding our Infrastructure
Low water dams are environmental and an economic benefit to our state in reducing flooding during peiods of heavy rainfall and suppling water during dry spells.
Whispering Meadows Vineyard & Winery - Downtown Fruit
Located in downtown McAlester, Whispering Meadows Winery is a one stop shop for any wine connoisseur.
Farm to School Helping Shawnee Students
Value Added: For many children, the most nutritious meals are when they are at school. Thanks to a program called Farm to School, lunches at Shawnee Public ...
Retired Educators for Youth Agricultural Programs - Part 2
We continue our report on the Retired Educators for Youth Agricultural Program.
Meridian Food Pantry
Hunger in America does not look like the images we have grown accustomed to seeing in developing nations. In this country, we have never had a famine yet ...
On the Grid
Infrastructure is vital to the American economy; but too often, out of sight is out of mind.
Creativity World Forum - Metro Tech
Going global is as much about attitude as it is expertise; that's why when given the opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs from all around the globe, a ...
Food Shortages
As political unrest has broken out in several Arab countries, political repression and the social media revolution have largely been credited for spurring the ...
Horse Slaughter
In 2006, the last horse slaughter plant closed in the U.S., much to the delight of animal rights advocates and many horse enthusiasts. Yet in the ensuing ...
Social Media Revolution
We take a look at a fundamental shift in the way we communicate, and the impact it has on everything from how we do business to our personal lives and we’ll ...
Interview with Jeff Pulver - 140 Conference
We visit with Jeff Pulver the organizer of the 140 conference and discuss all things twitter.
Journalism Impact
Social media may not be the death of journalism as we've always known it, but rather a movement that emphasizes some of journalism's key factors like ...
Interview with Simran Sethi - 140 Conference
We visit with emmy award winning journalist and Kansas University professor, Simran Sethi to discuss what social media means for journalism ethics.
Solar Industry - High Plains Technolocy Center
In a world where energy consumption will only go up…solar energy has tremendous potential; yet, still meets only the tiniest fraction of man’s need for power.
New medical technology in the classroom is giving Oklahoma students some hands-on experience, even if it is not flesh and blood.
Made in Oklahoma Coalition Overview
The Made in Oklahoma Coalition was born 11 years ago when several Oklahoma companies pooled their resources for a marketing campaign in order to increase their ...
Made in Oklahoma Coalition Reception
Each year the Made in Oklahoma Coalition meets with lawmakers at the state capitol to discuss the impact MIO has on Oklahoma.
Made in Oklahoma - Shawnee Milling Company
Shawnee Milling Company was started by an Oklahoma homesteader, and is now one of Oklahoma's longest operating businesses.
Made in Oklahoma - Lopez Foods, Inc.
We visit Lopez Foods, a local food producer and supplier of many of our favorite fastfood items served at restaurants throughout the state.
Made in Oklahoma - Cheevers' Café
We visit Cheever's Café, a local eating place that puts a new twist on some traditional dinner favorites.
Mint Turbines, LLC
With 1 in 10 Oklahoma jobs connected to aerospace, it's an industry that is an economic engine for the entire state… including rural Oklahoma. We visit Mint ...
OneOK - ONG Security Training
Oklahoma Natural Gas Company is the cornerstone of one of Oklahoma’s oldest corporations and always trying to stay on the cutting edge. See what this Oklahoma ...
Rural Redistricting
By law, the State House must redraw district and congressional boundaries to reflect the change in population every 10 years; what does that mean for Oklahoma ...
Equine Impact - Equine Herpes Virus
Home to some of the largest horse shows in the nation, the equine industry is big business in Oklahoma; and, the Equine Herpes Virus has turned that industry ...
Pharmacy Danger
The controversy surrounding the shooting of a 16-year-old robbery suspect at an Oklahoma City pharmacy last year has overshadowed another disturbing trend, ...
Made in Oklahoma - Ludivine Restaurant
Ludivine Restaurant was born from the idea of utilizing the best ingredients available from local farmers and ranchers.
Aerospace Summit 2011
We attended the 10th Annual Oklahoma Aerospace Summit & Expo to visit with state officials about the role aerospace has in our economy.
Interview with Steve Hendrickson - Aerospace
We visit with Steve Hendrickson who Chairs the Oklahoma Governor's Council for Workforce and Economic Development and is the Director for Governmental ...
Remembering Clara Luper - Civil Rights Leader
While Dr. King lead the civil rights movement in our country, it was Clara Luper who emerged as Oklahoma's civil rights leader.
Remembering Edna Hennessee - Aloe Vera Cosmetics
A pioneering woman in her own right, and in business, Edna Hennessee lived through the Dust Bowl days and Depression to launch her own line of cosmetics.