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Dana Murphy - Insight to Earthquakes
A former geologist, Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Dana Murphy shares insights on Oklahoma’s earthquakes.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1530
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we talk to Sen. James Lankford about everything from his life to politics.
Mr. Lankford Goes to Washington
James Lankford’s journey from youth camp director to U.S. senator gives insight to who he is and why he believes what he does.
James Lankford - Reflections on Senate
Freshman U.S. Sen. James Lankford reflects on why Washington, D.C., reminds him of a middle school lunchroom.
James Lankford - Economic Issues
Sen. James Lankford says the United States needs to be able to export crude oil.
James Lankford - Recent Supreme Court Rulings
Oklahoma’s newest U.S. senator reflects on recent Supreme Court rulings with which he disagrees.
James Lankford - OSU Spring Commencement 2015
Value Added: U.S. Sen. James Lankford delivers the 2015 spring commencement address at Oklahoma State University.
This Too Shall Pass
Job loss in the oil and gas sector is likely to continue in the coming months, adversely affecting Oklahoma’s economy.
Lowell Catlett - Oklahoma’s Economy Is Strong
Respected economist and noted futurist Lowell Catlett believes our country’s economy is much stronger than most Americans think.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1426
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we’ll take you on a tour of Oklahoma’s burgeoning wine industry and look at prospects for farmers in a drier climate.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1442
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at energy, earthquakes and our economy.
Oklahoma Wine Trail
We travel down an agritourism trail where Oklahomans turn water into wine.
Gene Clifton - Shipping Woes
The president of the Oklahoma Grape and Wine Commission talks about shipping issues surrounding the state’s rapidly growing wine industry.
Downtown Fruit
Value Added: In downtown McAlester, Okla., Whispering Meadows Vineyard & Winery is a one-stop shop for any wine connoisseur.
One Taste at a Time
Value Added: Just outside of Fairview, Okla., the Flaming family’s orchard and winery is growing clientele, one taste at a time.
Drought Buster?
Improving Oklahoma’s long-term drought will require above-normal rainfall for more than one season.
Steve Solomon - Water: The Epic Struggle
Water plays a critical role in commerce. Author Steve Solomon talks about water and the struggles that come with it.
Busing the Natural Gas Way
Value Added: The United States may have enough natural gas to fuel our country for another century. The challenge is how to get our vehicles running on it.
T. Boone's Take on CNG
Value Added: Dependence on foreign oil has long been an American weakness. We visit with T. Boone Pickens about what may be the best solution in a generation ...
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1327
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we visit some Oklahoma businesses with international roots.
Experts in Brazed Heat Exchangers
SWEP’s new Tulsa manufacturing facility provides efficient solutions for air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, industry and district energy with the latest ...
Global Supplier to the Oil and Gas Industry
Casing centralizer manufacturer Centek Inc. in Oklahoma City specializes in delivering innovation, design and engineering expertise to the oil and gas industry.
Mark Mathis - We're spOILed!
The movie “spOILed” looks at America's dependence on oil and gas from a perspective you don't see much these days. We visit with the film’s director Mark ...