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Google - Googling Oklahoma
Google builds a data center in Oklahoma that will employ more than 100 people... a six hundred million dollar investment in our state.
Taiwan Wheat Delegation - OK Wheat Exports Up
Few Oklahoma industries depend more on exports, than Oklahoma's wheat industry... making the signing of a Trade Agreement between Taiwan and Oklahoma all the ...
Interview with Mark Woodward - Narcotics Abuse in Oklahoma
We visit with Mark Woodward of the Narcotics Bureau about the drug abuse problem in Oklahoma.
Port 33 Exports
We visit a small port, along a small river, that few Oklahomans even know exists, to see some of the work being done locally to increase sales globally through ...
Avard Railway
We visit Avard, Oklahoma, where an effort is underway to increase rail access from western Oklahoma to the world.
Interview with James Foley - Global Trade
We visit with James Foley who is the author of "The Global Entrepreneur, Taking Your Business International," to get some common sense tips on global trade.
Creativity World Forum - Metro Tech
Going global is as much about attitude as it is expertise; that's why when given the opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs from all around the globe, a ...
Made in Oklahoma - Pete's Place
In this week's Made in Oklahoma moment, we visit a restaurant that has history all its own.
Kerr Center
OETA's Cathy Tatom takes us to Poteau, Oklahoma, where one longtime Oklahoma Senator left quite a legacy.
Water Wells - Fresh Clean Drinking Water
We take a look at some innovative ways to bring clean water to a thirsty planet.
Charles Fishman Interview - The Big Thirst
We visit with author Charles Fishman about his new book titled, "The Big Thirst."
Cotton Harvest 2011 - Drought Affects Cotton Crop
We take a look at the impact this year's severe drought had on the latest cotton crop.
Weekly Telegram 16: Water - Cheap Water
In this week's Weekly Telegram, Will Roberts takes a look at why we're willing to pay for bottled water when we can get it for almost nothing from our taps at ...
Noodling - Below the Surface
Undoubtedly no sport is more uniquely Oklahoman, than noodling; and we accompany an experienced noodler on a recent outing.
Red Fern Festival - Where the Red Fern Grows
We attend a festival in Tahlequah that honors the author of the book "Where the Red Fern Grows", Wilson Rawls, and the dogs he loved.
OYE Livestock Show - No Underachievers Here
The future of farming and ranching here in Oklahoma is in good hands, if it's destiny lies in the hands of just some of the young people we met at the Oklahoma ...
Howard Ranch
Justin Howard, a retired bronc rider, says he first got the idea of bringing people to his place while out on the rodeo circuit. Folks come from all around the ...
Made in Oklahoma - Shawnee Milling Co.
Shawnee Milling Company was started by an Oklahoma homesteader, and is now one of Oklahoma's longest operating businesses.
Literary Landmark - John Joseph Mathews
Widely regarded as one of Oklahoma's most illustrious men of letters, John Joseph Mathews and the Osage Tribal Museum he founded, have been honored as an ...
Armitage A-Bar Ranch
Across our great country, farmers and ranchers work each day to produce the food we all enjoy. We visit a ranch just outside of Claremore and meet a farm ...