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Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1545
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at the downturn in the energy sector and ask when prices will improve.
Oil Patch Downturn Affects Economy
Low prices at the gas pump are costing our overall economy.
Man-made Earthquakes
A report by the Seismological Society of America shows a definite link between wastewater disposal wells and earthquakes.
Dana Murphy - Insight to Earthquakes
Value Added: A former geologist, Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Dana Murphy shares insights on Oklahoma’s earthquakes.
Budget Hole Dilemma
Lawmakers face tough budget decisions because of the dramatic decline in oil and gas tax receipts.
Where is the Money?
The Oklahoma Watch Forum delivered a night of spirited, sometimes intense, debate on Oklahoma’s budget issues.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1603
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we examine what current belt-tightening at the Capitol could mean for state services.
State Budget Woes
We take a look at how revenue failure in Oklahoma has led to further budget woes at the state Capitol.
Ken Miller - State Budget Has Structural Problems
The budget hole is too big to plug with one-time funds, according to state treasurer Ken Miller, who says structural problems must be addressed.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1612
This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” our focus is on what’s next and how we gain the skills and attributes to thrive in a world not yet created.
Lowell Catlett - Embrace the Future
Noted futurist Lowell Catlett believes the future is not nearly as bleak as some would have you believe.
Lowell Catlett - The Future of Work
As automation and robotics increase, it’s important to realize that technology creates more jobs than it destroys.
Lowell Catlett - Energy & Agriculture
Based on the simple laws of supply and demand, futurist Lowell Catlett believes the energy and agriculture industries will once again thrive.
Lowell Catlett - Medicine & Technology
Health care and smart technology are creating a medical revolution with do-it-yourself diagnostics at your fingertips rather than in medical facilities.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1342
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at Oklahoma’s booming economy and enjoy some tunes from the Medicine Stone Music Festival.
Oklahoma: The Global Crossroads
Oklahoma has transformed the heartland into a global crossroads by connecting its abundant resources.
Deidre Myers - Oklahoma Is Plugged In
We examine four of Oklahoma’s growing business sectors that are creating jobs and attracting new industry to the state.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1343
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we take a look at how Oklahoma’s energy sector affects the state.
A Power Surge Is Underway
Oklahoma’s abundance of domestic energy has created optimism of unrivaled proportions in the energy industry.
Gov. Mary Fallin - A Vision for Energy in Oklahoma
Energy is a cornerstone of our economy that provides huge tax dollars to support everything from schools to bridges.
Securing Our Energy Infrastructure
TransCanada’s Gulf Coast Pipeline Project, critical to the security of our energy infrastructure, will transport crude oil from Cushing, Okla., to the Gulf ...
Central Tech Trains Energy Workers
Natural gas pipelines are crucial to our energy infrastructure, making training for energy workers key to national security.
Energy Workforce Gap
As the baby boomer generation retires from energy jobs, the challenge is to educate new workers to fill the gap.
Robert Sommers - Energy Education and Training
Energy exploration is a highly technical field that requires a workforce with a definitive skill set.
Highly Skilled Oilfield Workers
Value Added: High Plains Technology Center is providing highly qualified oilfield workers for the next generation of energy production.
A Gassy Lesson
Value Added: CNG training offered at Tulsa Tech supports a greener infrastructure in Oklahoma.
Safety on the Pipeline
Value Added: Central Tech in Drumright is meeting a critical need with specialized training for pipeline workers.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1528
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at how Oklahoma’s energy industry is handling some significant challenges.
Frank Billings - Energy Is Big Business
Everyone from the oil patch to the state Capitol began to take notice last fall when energy prices began to decline.
Injection Wells Tied to Earthquakes
A recent Supreme Court ruling on damages from an earthquake in Prague, Okla., is just the latest ruling faulting injection wells for quakes.