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We're spOILed!
The movie “spOILed” looks at America's dependence on oil and gas from a perspective you don't see much these days. We visit with the film’s director Mark ...
Oklahoma Exports Feed the World
We visit a small port along a small river that few Oklahomans even know exists to see some of the work being done locally to increase sales globally through ...
Rob Gragg -- Business Development
Value Added: We focus on job creation by talking to the experts whose job it is to attract jobs into the state.
Frontier Electronics & Boeing Company - Project Space Station
Frontier Electronic Systems located in Stillwater, Oklahoma, is partnering with the Boeing Company on a project involving the International Space Station.
Matthew Mungle - Fantasy Makeup - Making Movie Magic
When it comes to making movie magic, Academy Award winner Matthew Mungle does it with special effects makeup. And, CareerTech's cosmetology program allows ...
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1236
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we take a look at the growing trend in home schooling and examine the effects of the 2012 drought.
On the Grid
Value Added: Infrastructure is vital to the American economy, but too often, out of sight is out of mind.
Dave Kohl Interview - Developing Rural Communities
We visit with Dave Kohl, a noted economist and business strategist, to get his advice on the changing workplace.
Weekly Telegram 18: Economic Theory
In this week's Weekly Telegram, Will Roberts gives us his less conventional economic theory.
Farm Labor - Who's Minding the Farm
Newly proposed regulations by the Department of Labor could impact the way of life for many Oklahomans "down on the farm."
Mike Spradling & Jack Staats Interview - Child Labor Laws - Affects of Farm Labor Law
We visit with two gentlemen who know just a little about farm life and get their perspective on the proposed regulations governing child labor laws.
AAR Internships - Taking Flight Program
Internships help college graduates land their first job; and, help younger students decide on a career path.
Weekly Telegram 19 - Good Day's Work
In this week's Weekly Telegram, Will Roberts tells us why Mom may have had the best advice for our health, and the economy.
Blue Bell Ice Cream - Homemade Ice Cream Appeal
We travel to Blue Bell Creameries in Broken Arrow to learn more about the proud producer of what they call "the best ice cream in the country."
Made In Oklahoma - Griffin Foods - Making it Local
Griffin Foods is a Made in Oklahoma company that can trace its roots back all the way to near statehood.
Weekly Telegram 20 - Energy Savings
In this week's Weekly Telegram, Will Roberts unveils his own plan to turn all this year's political hot air into energy savings.
FIRST Robotics - Robots...The Next Generation
The First Robotics program is attracting females to careers in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields.
LEGO League - Learning with Toys
See how a LEGO League competition is getting kids excited about science and technology.
Female Engineer - Girls Can Compete
Over the next decade, more than half the careers will require a STEM education; we look at how women can help fill engineering jobs of the future.
Making It Work Day
Each year the Career and Technology Education Equity Council holds a Making It Work Day at the capitol; it's designed to recognize the hard work of female ...
Weekly Telegram 21 - Robots - Robotics is Our Future
In this week's Weekly Telegram, Will Roberts gives us his take on how advances in technology are changing everything, except one thing.
Steve Gragert Interview - Will Rogers Museum
We visit with author Steve Gragert who is the Director of the Will Rogers Museum in Claremore.
Weekly Telegram 22 - Heroes
Will Roberts pays homage to his inspiration, Will Rogers, in this week's Weekly Telegram.
Pawnee Bill Museum - Wild West Icon
We visit the Pawnee Bill Ranch & Museum to remember a piece of our western heritage history.
Personal Income Tax - Should We or Shouldn't We?
We focus on the debate over whether our state taxes should be cut since state revenues are up.
Mickey Hepner Interview - Economic Outlook from UCO Economist
We visit with Mickey Hepner, an Economist at UCO, who warns we may want to think twice before trying to fix something that isn't necessarily broke...state ...
Weekly Telegram 23 - Taxes
In this week's Weekly Telegram, Will Roberts gives us his take on state income taxes.
Crime & Punishment - Reforming OK Prisons
We visit with Oklahoma County's District Attorney to see why he wants to work on keeping people out of prison, rather than putting them behind bars.
Kris Steele Interview - We Need to Reform OK Prisons
We visit with Oklahoma's Speaker of the House, Kris Steele, about new criminal justice reforms he believes need to be approved this legislative session.
Weekly Telegram 24 - Prisons
In this week's Weekly Telegram, Will Roberts gives us his take on crime and punishment.