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Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1702
This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” we look at the business of computer games and the jobs that power a $100 billion industry.
Video Game Design
Students learn the basics of game design in 3-D Animation and Game Design at Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center.
Retro Gamers Society
The Retro Gamers Society formed in 2010 to allow fans of classic video games to come together and celebrate their hobby.
World of Printing
Digital printing presses are a game changer in the printing world as they allow completion of small and even single-run jobs.
Media Landscape
Eastern Oklahoma County Tech Center students helped create a media landscape to honor those who have changed the CareerTech System.
Technology in School - Not Your Old School Chalkboard
Classrooms are not experiencing a technology revolution alone. The country is also lagging behind in the digital technology age.
Interview with Kevin Honeycutt - 140 Character Conference
We visit with Kevin Honeycutt, a longtime educator and social media proponent, about introducing new technology into the classroom.
Social Media Revolution
We take a look at a fundamental shift in the way we communicate, and the impact it has on everything from how we do business to our personal lives and we’ll ...
Interview with Jeff Pulver - 140 Conference
We visit with Jeff Pulver the organizer of the 140 conference and discuss all things twitter.
Journalism Impact
Social media may not be the death of journalism as we've always known it, but rather a movement that emphasizes some of journalism's key factors like ...
Becky McCray - Social Networking
We visit with Becky McCray, a social media expert, who says the key to success on the web can be found in any small town.
Chris Brogan - Social Media
We visit with Chris Brogan, Fortune 500 Consultant, Best Selling Author, and Social Media Expert, who says the key to success in marketing via social ...