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Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1344
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at how record rains have affected the state, and we take you to a couple of tourist destinations in Oklahoma.
Drought: When East Meets West
Eastern Oklahoma’s water resources are abundant thanks to record rains, but western Oklahoma is still suffering the effects of drought.
No Water for Southwest Ag Irrigation
Oklahoma’s drought-busting rains didn’t reach all parts of the state, leaving southwestern agricultural lands short of water.
Arbuckle Simpson Aquifer: Water Wars
The Oklahoma Water Resources Board voted to drastically reduce the amount of water users can draw out of the rain-fed aquifer.
Gary McManus - Is the Oklahoma Drought Over?
State climatologist Gary McManus examines the likelihood of re-entering drought conditions.
First generation Mexican immigrant, Eduardo Lopez, has taken the American dream and made it his own. He runs a furniture store that has become a national ...
Agritourism Bus Tour - Berries of the Spring
Farming is a tough career, but one that is vital to our nation. We hop aboard Agritourism's bus tour to northeastern Oklahoma to see where our food comes from.
Oklahoma HORIZON TV - Full Show 1233
This week on Oklahoma HORIZON... we take a look at global food securities.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1418
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we take an intimate look at the people feeding your family.
Goodbye City Life
Life in the country is definitely different than living in the city, but the transition to wide-open spaces for which many people long comes with its own ...
Farm Labor - Who's Minding the Farm
Newly proposed regulations by the Department of Labor could impact the way of life for many Oklahomans "down on the farm."
Mike Spradling & Jack Staats Interview - Child Labor Laws - Affects of Farm Labor Law
We visit with two gentlemen who know just a little about farm life and get their perspective on the proposed regulations governing child labor laws.
Pawnee Bill Museum - Wild West Icon
We visit the Pawnee Bill Ranch & Museum to remember a piece of our western heritage history.
Farm Subsidies - Farm Subsidies Still Needed
This year federal lawmakers are scheduled to rewrite the Farm Bill which is a comprehensive piece of legislation that covers everything from the food we eat, ...
Mike Dicks Interview - Freedom to Farm
We visit with Mike Dicks, an Oklahoma State Univeristy economist, who shares some interesting insights into the rules of "unintended consequences" that ...
Weekly Telegram 25 - Outsourcing - Outsourcing on the Farm
In this week's weekly telegram, Will Roberts gives us his views on the Farm Bill legislation.
Wheat Harvest 2012 - Amber Waves of Grain
After last year's struggle with drought wheat growers in western Oklahoma are having a bumper crop.
New Zealand Farm Subsidies - No Farm Subsidies For This Country
While still an active American debate, farm subsidies in New Zealand were abolished in the 1980s.
Oklahoma HORIZON TV - Show 1224
This week on Oklahoma HORIZON... Oklahoma's wheat harvest and the debate over farm subsidies, along with fantastic musicical performances by Kyle Dillingham.
Cattle Producers - Drought Recovery - Rebuilding the Herd
Southwestern Oklahoma cattle producers are bouncing back after last year's devastating drought.
Oklahoma HORIZON TV - Show 1225
This week on Oklahoma HORIZON... cattle producers recovering from last year's drought; Old Timers Day cattle drive; Food deserts lead to junk food eating; Good ...
Oklahoma HORIZON TV - Show 1226
This week on Oklahoma HORIZON... careers in aerospace, unmanned aerial vehicles, SkillsUSA construction training, and Pathways to Prosperity.
Frank Lucas Profile - Agricultural Impact
We visit with Rep. Frank Lucas, R-Okla. in our nation's capital about the impact agriculture has on our state.
Interview with Jim Reese - Oklahoma Agriculture
We visit with Jim Reese, Oklahoma's Secretary of Agriculture, about the future of farming and ranching here in our state.
OALP Forum
We visit with members of the Oklahoma Agricultural Leadership Program about opportunities for Oklahoma and the agricultural communities that serve it.
Down on the Farm
This past wheat harvest, one of the Oklahoma Agricultural Leadership Program members invited us to join her to see what life was like to be a farmer these days.
OALP Economics
For years old rural towns have shrunk as our nation's economy has shifted towards technology and away from life on the farm, but that may be changing.
OALP Washington
A new Farm Bill is set to be written next year, and what is in it… is important to both farmers and consumers. We discuss the role that bill, and conservation, ...
OALP Reflections
We wrap up our visit with the OALP members and find out how being in the program has helped each of them.
Ag in the Classroom - 2010 Teacher of the Year
We introduce you to Linda Gunsaulis, a teacher who brings her farm to the classroom.