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Grow OK
Oklahoma has always been a leader in the energy industry, from the early wildcatters to the oil boom of the 1980s, our abundance of oil and natural gas has had ...
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1312
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we take a look at Gov. Mary Fallin’s plan for Oklahoma and a piece of legislation that could save lives.
Deidre Myers - Oklahoma Economy 101
Energy is big business in Oklahoma, with more than 82,000 jobs in the industry.
Garry Golden -- Energy Future
Value Added: We continue our visit with industry insider and energy futurist Garry Golden.
Pickens Push
Value Added: T. Boone Pickens is on the road promoting what he's calling the Pickens Plan.
Oklahoma Energy
Oklahoma is home to 2 of the 3 largest natural gas producers in the country. Based in OKC, Chesapeake and Devon Energy are industry leaders in developing this ...
Larry Walker - Sustainable Energy
We visit with Dr. Larry Walker, a national leader in industrial biotechnology, about the economics of going green.
Keystone Pipeline
Today we look at the Keystone Pipeline; a complex construction project that will not only lessen our dependence on Middle Eastern oil, but provide jobs to ...
Jim Prescott - Keystone Pipeline
We visit with Jim Prescott, who's with TransCanada, the builder of the Keystone Pipeline.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1343
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we take a look at how Oklahoma’s energy sector affects the state.
A Power Surge Is Underway
Oklahoma’s abundance of domestic energy has created optimism of unrivaled proportions in the energy industry.
Gov. Mary Fallin - A Vision for Energy in Oklahoma
Energy is a cornerstone of our economy that provides huge tax dollars to support everything from schools to bridges.
Central Tech Trains Energy Workers
Natural gas pipelines are crucial to our energy infrastructure, making training for energy workers key to national security.
Energy Workforce Gap
As the baby boomer generation retires from energy jobs, the challenge is to educate new workers to fill the gap.
Robert Sommers - Energy Education and Training
Energy exploration is a highly technical field that requires a workforce with a definitive skill set.