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Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1315
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at the need for technical training.
Military Spending
Payroll is 20 percent of the Pentagon’s budget, so military spending cuts are likely to mean cuts in personnel, which in turn means more veterans returning to ...
Dave Lopez - Benefits of a Diverse Workforce
Oklahoma’s commerce secretary offers his perspective on filling jobs with a diverse workforce.
Ethanol Plant
A state of the art ethanol plant is to be built north of Enid and expected to generate 1,200 jobs.
Aerospace Jobs - Growing Oklahoma's Aerospace Industry
ASCO Incorporated, a Belgian-based aerospace manufacturer, is opening a company that will create about 600 new jobs in Stillwater, Oklahoma.
Rob Gragg -- Business Development
Value Added: We focus on job creation by talking to the experts whose job it is to attract jobs into the state.
Frontier Electronics & Boeing Company - Project Space Station
Frontier Electronic Systems located in Stillwater, Oklahoma, is partnering with the Boeing Company on a project involving the International Space Station.
Oklahoma HORIZON TV - Full Show 1230
This week on Oklahoma HORIZON... new aerospace jobs land in our state; and, we take a look at some of Oklahoma's movie stars who work behind the scenes.
Stan Hupfeld - Political Malpractice - Part 1
We visit with the former CEO of Integris Health, Stan Hupfeld, to talk about what he believes is political malpractice when it comes to health reform.
Dave Lopez - Benefits of a Diverse Workforce
The interim superintendent of Oklahoma City Public Schools offers his perspective on filling jobs with a diverse workforce.
Gov. Mary Fallin - Future For Oklahoma
We visit with Gov. Fallin about her plan for Oklahoma in 2013.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1451
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at how Oklahoma is a superhero when it comes to growing the state’s economic prosperity.
A Look Back at 2014
Oklahoma’s job market continues to grow at a robust pace, but recent drops in oil prices could slow growth in 2015.
Larry Parman - Oklahoma is Batman?
Commerce Secretary Larry Parman, stepping down at the end of 2014, says Oklahoma's economy could learn something from a certain superhero.
Making it Work
Oklahomans are making it work after living through struggles.
FFA Christmas Lights
An FFA chapter decorates and educates with a lighting display.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1301
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we examine Oklahoma’s economic outlook.
New Jobs in a New Economy
What are the facts on jobs and the economy in a post-recession world?
Oklahoma’s 2013 Economic Outlook
According to some leading economists, education and training will be key factors in the growth of Oklahoma’s economy this year.
Deidre Myers - Making Your Way in a 2013 Economy
Skills-based education leads to good-paying jobs, which will allow Oklahomans to prosper in an ever-changing world.
Jonathan Willner - Business Development Outlook 2013
In a nation obsessed with appearances, infrastructure, pretty or not, fuels the economy, says Jonathan Willner, chairman of the department of economics and ...
Final Thoughts - Health of Our Economy
Rob McClendon shares his thoughts on today’s economy.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1306
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at the ongoing drought, hay theft and economic ecosystems.
Gov. Mary Fallin & Deidre Myers - Growing Oklahoma’s Ecosystem
The Oklahoma Department of Commerce’s Deidre Myers explains how the Workforce Ecosystems Initiative will continue Oklahoma’s economic growth, a priority for ...
Oil Impact Overview - Oklahoma Oil Impact
For the first time in 60 years, fuel is America's #1 export which is reflective of an energy revolution that's well underway.
Mickey Hepner Interview - Economic Outlook from UCO Economist
We visit with Mickey Hepner, an Economist at UCO, who warns we may want to think twice before trying to fix something that isn't necessarily broke...state ...
Shawna McWaters-Khalousi Interview - The Right Job For You
We visit with Shawna McWaters-Khalousi of the Oklahoma Department of Commerce who is helping organize a broad effort to match prospective employers with job ...
Interview with Shawna McWaters-Khalousi - Green Job Initiatives
We visit with Shawna McWaters-Khalousi from the Department of Commerce to learn more about Oklahoma's green jobs initiative.
Business Development - New Jobs in Oklahoma
We focus on job creation by talking to the experts whose job it is… to attract jobs into the state.
Lisa Navrkal Interview - Local Job Creation
Stillwater Chamber of Commerce CEO Lisa Navrkal discusses local business development and job creation.