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Hire Our Vets
National efforts have been put into place to help military veterans re-enter the workforce when they return home.
Rob Gragg -- Business Development
Value Added: We focus on job creation by talking to the experts whose job it is to attract jobs into the state.
Desperate Times on the Farm
Each year, farm broadcasters and ag companies come together to discuss agriculture and our nation’s food supply; this year, they had plenty to talk about: a ...
Dick Crowder – Agriculture Facts
As incomes rise around the world, so does food consumption, which translates into a tremendous opportunity for American agriculture.
Ag Grads Needed
A demand for students with an agricultural degree has ag enrollment numbers at a record high.
Dave Kohl Interview - Developing Rural Communities
We visit with Dave Kohl, a noted economist and business strategist, to get his advice on the changing workplace.
Veteran Jobs - Giving Our Vets a Fighting Chance
We go inside an innovative program aimed at helping disabled veterans not just find a job, but create their own.
Shawna McWaters-Khalousi Interview - The Right Job For You
We visit with Shawna McWaters-Khalousi of the Oklahoma Department of Commerce who is helping organize a broad effort to match prospective employers with job ...
Interview with Shawna McWaters-Khalousi - Green Job Initiatives
We visit with Shawna McWaters-Khalousi from the Department of Commerce to learn more about Oklahoma's green jobs initiative.
Business Development - New Jobs in Oklahoma
We focus on job creation by talking to the experts whose job it is… to attract jobs into the state.
Lisa Navrkal Interview - Local Job Creation
Stillwater Chamber of Commerce CEO Lisa Navrkal discusses local business development and job creation.
Rob Gragg Interview - Business Development
We visit with Rob Gragg who heads up the group at the Oklahoma Department of Commerce that works with companies and site selectors on all types of job creation.
Hometown PRIDE Training - Invest in Your Town
We take a look at a program called PRIDE Training that is being taught around the state to help communities welcome new businesses.
Mike Seney Interview - ACE Study
We visit with Mike Seney who authored a newly published report by the state chamber's research arm that gives us a look into how Oklahoma's business climate ...
Oklahoma Veterans - Welcome Home!
We take a look at a coordinated effort that's underway to help veterans re-enter the civilian workforce in Oklahoma and reduce unemployment rates.
OK Military Connection
OK-CIS Military Connection, a national career information delivery system specifically tailored for Oklahomans, is a no-cost website that can help veterans cut ...
Camp Gruber Chapel - Little Chapel in the Woods
Camp Gruber Chapel is designed to help veterans with unique medical needs and emotional support when they return home from active duty.
Rita Aragon Interview - Veteran Affairs
We visit with Oklahoma's Secretary of Veteran Affairs, Retired Two-Star General Rita Aragon, about some of the challenges our veterans now face.
Weekly Telegram 28 - Veteran Perspective
In this week's Weekly Telegram, Will Roberts gives us his insights on veterans returning home from service.
McAAP - Busting Bunkers Here
We travel to the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant where more than 1500 Oklahomans earn their federal pay check.
Work - Ready Region Celebration - We Are Work Ready
Industry in McAlester, Oklahoma, is certainly not alone in needing the right employees for the right job. We attend an event there to find out why residents ...
Oklahoma Jobs - Oklahoma's Jobs Are Strong
Oklahoma's economy continues to show steady growth across all sectors… which translates into business expansion and new jobs.
Small Business - Small Businesses Taking Off
With more Americans becoming entrepreneurs, Oklahoma is quickly becoming a hot spot for small business.
Oklahoma Economy - Governor Fallin says OK's Economy Strong
We visit with Governor Mary Fallin to hear her thoughts on the state of our state's economy.
Gov. Fallin says OK's Economy Strong
Value Added: We continue our visit with Gov. Mary Fallin to hear her thoughts on the state of our state's economy.
Google - Googling Oklahoma
Google builds a data center in Oklahoma that will employ more than 100 people... a six hundred million dollar investment in our state.
Sigma Meat Plant
The growing number of Hispanics in the country is growing a new business in Oklahoma.