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Gov. Mary Fallin - Filling the Skills Gap
Gov. Mary Fallin works to begin an initiative to align education with workforce needs.
It Doesn't Take a Rocket Scientist
Rocket scientist Norm Augustine believes what happens in today's classrooms will determine our country's future.
Bob Sommers - STEM Skills Start Early
Employees without bachelor's degrees hold half of all high-tech jobs in STEM-related fields.
Susan Lavrakas - Aerospace STEM Gap
The aerospace industry survives on STEM, but many workers are ready to retire.
Brian Crain - STEM Education Funding
Many believe STEM education at younger ages will help our economy, but how do we fund it?
David Zetland - Water Conservation
Author David Zetland talks about ways we can conserve our water.
David Zetland - Water Shortage
Author David Zetland talks about how our water supply is dwindling.
Michael Ming - GE's Innovating Ideas
In its continuing efforts to power our lives, General Electric opens an oil and gas research center in downtown Oklahoma City.
Oklahoma's Own Civil Rights Leader
While Martin Luther King Jr. led the U.S. civil rights movement, Clara Luper emerged as Oklahoma's civil rights leader.
Charles Ford - Framing History
Former state Sen. Charles Ford has led the way in framing the history of the Oklahoma Capitol.
Gallery Provides Learning Experiences
The Oklahoma State University Museum of Art provides opportunities for students to experience art through exhibitions and programs.
Jay Wilkinson - Letters From Dad
Jay Wilkinson shares another side of the University of Oklahoma’s famous coach Bud Wilkinson -- as a father and mentor.
Gary McManus - Economic Impact of Drought
Despite recent rains, most of the state remains in drought as the long-term impact on ag continues.
Stephanie Stutts - Digging Up the Past
A desire to make discoveries and try new experiences has people digging up artifacts and preserving them for future generations.
Shawn Hime & Joe Siano - A Vision for Oklahoma Public Education
Value Added: More from the leaders behind a public education project geared toward increasing community involvement in the classroom.
Bill Anoatubby - Destination Chickasaw
Value Added: Chickasaw Nation Gov. Bill Anoatubby talks about the tribe’s history, which is displayed at The Chickasaw Cultural Center, and its accomplishments.
Bill Anoatubby - Advancing a Nation
Value Added: Bill Anoatubby, governor of the Chickasaw Nation, discusses how the tribe’s business enterprises affect the Oklahoma economy.
Bill Anoatubby - Spirit of a Nation
Value Added: Leader of the Chickasaw Nation Bill Anoatubby talks about the tribe’s successes and its new state-of-the-art medical facility.
Kimberly Norris Guerrero - I’m A Cheerleader
Being Native American with adoptive white parents in Idabel, Oklahoma, didn’t keep this small town girl from becoming a Hollywood sensation.
A Proud, Insightful Native American
Value Added: Kimberly Norris Guerrero is very passionate about her Native American heritage.
Carter Merkle - The Right Connection
The Indian Country Business Summit allows businesses to network with and learn from each other to find opportunities in government contracting.
CareerTech - Making a Difference
CareerTech educators prepare students to be successful in education, in the workplace and in life.
Social Media: Motive & Balance
Social media technology can be used to positively affect the classroom, the workplace and all facets of life.
Andy Masters - Generational Learning
People who value history, embrace change and evolve through technology will help bridge generational differences.
Real and Lasting Contributions
A hard day’s work helped pull our country out of the Great Depression and left us with some truly remarkable landmarks.
Taking Flight
A helping hand and guidance gave Porsha Lippincott the assistance she needed to become successful.
Akash Patel - Becoming a U.S. Citizen
Akash Patel shares his experiences as a once illegal immigrant who became a U.S. citizen in 2005.
Akash Patel - Educators Change Lives
Akash Patel tells thousands of CareerTech educators how two of their colleagues changed his life.
Akash Patel - Undocumented Immigrants
Akash Patel founded the nonprofit Aspiring Americans to help undocumented immigrants become U.S. citizens.
Lowell Catlett - The Future of Work
As automation and robotics increase, it’s important to realize that technology creates more jobs than it destroys.