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Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1502
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, as parts of the state continue to struggle with drought, we look at the role of water conservation.
Reusing Our Water
Oklahoma looks for ways to use less water for more people.
David Zetland - Water Conservation
Author David Zetland talks about ways we can conserve our water.
Used Water Dealers
Recent drought leads Latta FFA students to become used water dealers.
David Zetland - Water Shortage
Author David Zetland talks about how our water supply is dwindling.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1647
This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” we focus on those who keep our roadways both safe and efficient.
Highway Safety
Eastern Oklahoma Tech Center’s Big Rig Rescue taught teams how to deal with the special challenges of a wrecked commercial truck.
Wheels of Commerce
Trains, planes, automobiles and barges all play vital roles in Oklahoma’s transportation industry.
Inadequate Taxes Cause Bumpy Rides
Value Added: Oklahoma's motor fuel tax has not proved adequate to fund the maintenance of safe roads and bridges.
Bob Peterson - Big Rig Road Safety
Value Added: The president of Melton Truck Lines gives his best advice on keeping everyone safe on the highway.
Help Wanted: Diesel Mechanics
Caddo Kiowa Technology Center provides skills training and certifications to diesel mechanics, helping them land high paying jobs.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1438
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we examine the role Oklahoma exports play in the state’s economy.
Oklahoma Exports
Oklahoma may make up only a tiny fraction of the world’s population but our exports make our economic impact much larger.
ExporTech Helps Companies Grow
ExporTech helps companies enter or expand in global markets.
Small Town Exports
Wilco Manufacturing in Duncan, Okla., exports products worldwide.
Jamie Webster - Energy Exports
Domestic oil production is booming, and many people in the industry want to lift the ban on U.S. crude oil exports.
Export Jobs Pay Higher Wages
Oklahoma companies that export goods often pay higher wages, which is good for the workforce.
McClellan-Kerr Waterway Affects Ag
Without Oklahoma waterways and the navigational system, it would be impossible to get ag products overseas.
Gov. Mary Fallin - Future For Oklahoma
We visit with Gov. Fallin about her plan for Oklahoma in 2013.
Gas Taxes Lead to a Bumpy Ride
We are a commuter nation, but can we afford the road ahead? Next time you’re stuck in traffic, you may want to consider what you pay at the pump.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1305
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at Oklahoma’s wind energy industry and our legislative outlook.
Legislative Outlook for Oklahoma in 2013
Lawmakers offer a legislative preview from a business perspective.
There is another world underground where miles and miles of sewers and pipes are aging.
On the Grid
Value Added: Infrastructure is vital to the American economy, but too often, out of sight is out of mind.
There is a whole other world underground; miles and miles of sewers and pipes, and all of it aging.
On the Grid
Infrastructure is vital to the American economy; but too often, out of sight is out of mind.
National Security Agency
In this digital age, our future is dependent on cyber security and Richard George of the National Security Agency is on the frontline in the war on cyber ...
Cyber Patriots
A group of Oklahoma cyber patriots are hoping to make an impact on cyber security.
A Gassy Lesson
CNG training offered at Tulsa Tech supports a greener infrastructure in Oklahoma.
Weatherford Revitalization
A recent penny sales tax is allowing Weatherford, Oklahoma, about 50 million dollars in improvements over the next five years. And with new businesses, and ...