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Women in Agriculture
Women have always been involved in agriculture, but now more women are becoming the primary operators and owners of farms all over the U.S.
Goodbye City Life
Life in the country is definitely different than living in the city, but the transition to wide-open spaces for which many people long comes with its own ...
Farm Bill Facts
Congressman Frank Lucas, chair of the House Committee on Agriculture, gives an update on the on again - off again 2012 Farm Bill.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1240
The future of farming.
Future of Farming
Life on the family farm is looking pretty lucrative with record crop prices and soaring land values.
Farm Boom and Bust
Damona Doye, agricultural economist at Oklahoma State University, discusses the ups and downs of farming.
Farm Boom and Bust
Value Added: Oklahoma State University Agricultural Economist Damona Doye discusses the ups and downs of farming.
Farm Bill 2012
U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack speaks out about the 2012 Farm Bill.
Afghanistan Ag
Afghanistan is a largely agrarian, complex country that has struggled through decades of poverty and strife.
Future of Farming
American agriculture is big business and few areas have under gone more of a dramatic change than farming communities where agriculture is based. We visit with ...
Wine College
While the number of farms around the country is shrinking, in Oklahoma, it's a different story. Small to mid-sized farms are on the increase due, in great ...
Flying Cowboy
Across rural America, 89% of all farm income comes from off farm sources. People working 2-3 jobs just to make ends meet. We introduce you to a man who has ...
Old Way of Farming
It's often said to know where you're going, you need to know where you've been and for Oklahoma's Farming Heritage Association, that is exactly what they hope ...
Urban Ag
Mention agriculture and most people think of farm fields out in the country but there's a growing trend here in Oklahoma toward smaller acreages closer to town.
Future of Farms
A growing number of farmers say the current business model of buying more land and planting more crops is not sustainable. But there's a new group interested ...