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No E. Coli Here!
America’s spinach industry took a huge hit in 2006, when an E. coli outbreak blamed on the leafy green spanned 19 states.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1344
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at how record rains have affected the state, and we take you to a couple of tourist destinations in Oklahoma.
Drought: When East Meets West
Eastern Oklahoma’s water resources are abundant thanks to record rains, but western Oklahoma is still suffering the effects of drought.
No Water for Southwest Ag Irrigation
Oklahoma’s drought-busting rains didn’t reach all parts of the state, leaving southwestern agricultural lands short of water.
Arbuckle Simpson Aquifer: Water Wars
The Oklahoma Water Resources Board voted to drastically reduce the amount of water users can draw out of the rain-fed aquifer.
Gary McManus - Is the Oklahoma Drought Over?
State climatologist Gary McManus examines the likelihood of re-entering drought conditions.
Food vs Fuel - Interview with Mike Krueger
In this country, corn continues to be a predominant ingredient in ethanol, and some question whether we can even grow enough of it to meet both our food and ...
Ag Hall of Fame
For Altus farmer Murray R. Williams farming cotton has been in his blood since day one. Williams is this year's Governors Agricultural Hall of Fame winner and ...
Traditional Farmer
Some rural students could care less about returning home after pursuing an education. Garber's Travis Schnaithman is not one of those students. He wants to ...
Food Check Out
Each year the Farm Bureau celebrates food check-out week, a time when the average American has earned enough income to buy food all year long.
Farm Family of the Year
This years Farm Bureau's Farm Family of the Year, Terry and Roland Pederson.
80 Years and Still ‘Growing’
Jolene Snow, granddaughter of Carnegie’s original Horn Canna Farm owner, still peddling bulbs 80 years after the farm started in 1928, shares her secret to ...
World Trade
Farm belt congressional leaders tackle the Bush administrations world trade talks, and how they will affect U.S. farm policies.
Lifelong Learning
Haydenville’s Paul and Maxine Haydon learned to manage the business side of their farm using computer programs instead of pencil and paper with the help of ...
For many folks, the closest they get to a farm is passing one along the highway. Yet agriculture is one of the state's largest industries, contributing $7.1 ...
Animal ID
Detailed tracking of food is being implemented in this country. It’s called animal ID and when completed, will give authorities a way to monitor the food we ...
Rockin' LH Asparagus Farm
Lee Henry gives Oklahomans a cowboy experience at his Rockin LH Asparagus Farm in the small town of Stidham near Lake Eufaula. Henry teams up with neighbors, ...
Agritourism Bus Tour - Berries of the Spring
Farming is a tough career, but one that is vital to our nation. We hop aboard Agritourism's bus tour to northeastern Oklahoma to see where our food comes from.
Food Security - Global Food Paradox
We examine the issue of hunger in the developing world.
Austin Moore - Uganda Food Problem
We visit with SUNUP Correspondent Austin Moore about the food insecurity issues in Uganda.
Final Thoughts - Uganda
Oklahoma State University SUNUP Correspondent Austin Moore offers final thoughts on the food insecurity issue in Uganda.
Food Security Final Thoughts
Oklahoma Horizon Host Rob McClendon shares his views.
Oklahoma HORIZON TV - Full Show 1233
This week on Oklahoma HORIZON... we take a look at global food securities.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1418
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we take an intimate look at the people feeding your family.
Goodbye City Life
Life in the country is definitely different than living in the city, but the transition to wide-open spaces for which many people long comes with its own ...
Farm Bill Facts
Congressman Frank Lucas, chair of the House Committee on Agriculture, gives an update on the on again - off again 2012 Farm Bill.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1240
The future of farming.
Future of Farming
Life on the family farm is looking pretty lucrative with record crop prices and soaring land values.
Farm Boom and Bust
Damona Doye, agricultural economist at Oklahoma State University, discusses the ups and downs of farming.
Farm Boom and Bust
Value Added: Oklahoma State University Agricultural Economist Damona Doye discusses the ups and downs of farming.