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Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1439
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we take a close look at Oklahoma’s manufacturing sector and the jobs it produces.
Manufacturing Comeback in Oklahoma
Companies that once outsourced are finding that keeping production closer to home improves quality and gets their products to market faster.
Manufacturing Expertise Affects Energy Industry
Kimray Inc. has been manufacturing equipment to tap into energy resources worldwide for more than 60 years.
Oklahoma’s Manufacturing Workforce Is Ready
Winter Fabrication is recognized nationally as a highly successful metal manufacturing company that’s building its brand one skilled employee at a time.
Retraining Oklahomans for Today’s Workforce
Building a clear career pathway for entering the manufacturing workforce is critical for the U.S. economy.
Keep On Truckin’
Saber Transportation Support helps U.S. companies stay legal while moving products around the country.
Lawmakers Weigh In on Cuban Trade
We visit with a group recently returned from Cuba that is working to open markets between Cuba and Oklahoma's agriculture industry.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1438
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we examine the role Oklahoma exports play in the state’s economy.
Oklahoma Exports
Oklahoma may make up only a tiny fraction of the world’s population but our exports make our economic impact much larger.
ExporTech Helps Companies Grow
ExporTech helps companies enter or expand in global markets.
Small Town Exports
Wilco Manufacturing in Duncan, Okla., exports products worldwide.
Jamie Webster - Energy Exports
Domestic oil production is booming, and many people in the industry want to lift the ban on U.S. crude oil exports.
Export Jobs Pay Higher Wages
Oklahoma companies that export goods often pay higher wages, which is good for the workforce.
McClellan-Kerr Waterway Affects Ag
Without Oklahoma waterways and the navigational system, it would be impossible to get ag products overseas.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1248
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at how the agriculture industry affects our state.
Desperate Times on the Farm
Each year, farm broadcasters and ag companies come together to discuss agriculture and our nation’s food supply; this year, they had plenty to talk about: a ...
Dick Crowder – Agriculture Facts
As incomes rise around the world, so does food consumption, which translates into a tremendous opportunity for American agriculture.
Final Thoughts on Cuban Life
Rob McClendon shares his observations about life in Cuba.
Asian Aerospace
If you ever doubted we are in a global economy consider this, here in Oklahoma, in the middle of the heartland, one out of every five jobs is dependent upon ...
Shipping Dilemma
This year's wheat crop is now in the bin, but that doesn't mean this year's wheat harvest is over.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1327
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we visit some Oklahoma businesses with international roots.
Oklahoma Wheat Harvest 2013
Oklahoma wheat producers are heavily dependent on export markets, as one of every two bushels harvested goes overseas.
Foreign-Owned Companies Strengthen U.S. Economy
The nation's economy is growing stronger because more internationally owned companies are opening facilities in the United States.