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Switch Grass
The Sam Nobel Foundation is working with farmers to turn this viable crop into a profitable crop.
Historical Corn
In the 1970s, corn blight spread through parts of the Midwest wiping out about 20% of our nation’s corn crop, which is why there are Oklahomans who have taken ...
Isreal Hydroponics
A group of Oklahoma Farmers recently traveled to Israel to see how the farmers there are using hydroponics to raise crops in their arid land.
Future of Farming
Life on the family farm is looking pretty lucrative with record crop prices and soaring land values.
Farm Boom and Bust
Damona Doye, agricultural economist at Oklahoma State University, discusses the ups and downs of farming.
Farm Labor - Who's Minding the Farm
Newly proposed regulations by the Department of Labor could impact the way of life for many Oklahomans "down on the farm."
Mike Spradling & Jack Staats Interview - Child Labor Laws - Affects of Farm Labor Law
We visit with two gentlemen who know just a little about farm life and get their perspective on the proposed regulations governing child labor laws.
Ag Teacher of the Year 2012 - Bringing the Farm... to School
We go inside a western Oklahoma classroom to meet a teacher who brings the farm to her classroom to teach everything from English to Math.
Ag in the Classroom Bus Tour - Agriculture Across the State
We join a group of Oklahoma teachers on an Ag in the Classroom bus trip back to the farm to see where our food comes from.
Wheat Harvest 2012 - Amber Waves of Grain
After last year's struggle with drought wheat growers in western Oklahoma are having a bumper crop.
New Zealand Farm Subsidies - No Farm Subsidies For This Country
While still an active American debate, farm subsidies in New Zealand were abolished in the 1980s.
Cattle Producers - Drought Recovery - Rebuilding the Herd
Southwestern Oklahoma cattle producers are bouncing back after last year's devastating drought.
Food Desert - No Fresh Foods Here
Rural and urban neighborhoods have seen decline in population, as well as malnutrition and obesity among residents, due to a lack of fresh foods being ...
Cost of Good Nutrition - Fresh is Better
Buying fresh fruits and vegetables may seem expensive, but the long-term health benefits are definitely worth the cost.
Farm-to-School Program - Out in the Garden
The Farm-to-School Program has launched the "Out in the Garden" video series to help educate elementary school children on the importance of good nutrition.
Farmer's Market
"Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food" is a national movement that's starting to catch on; consumers are buying locally produced, fresh picked produce.
Interview with Doug Walton - Farmer's Markets
We visit with Doug Walton who is an advocate of local farmer's markets.
World Food Prize Laureate - Dr. Gebisa Ejeta
We meet World Food Prize winner, Gebisa Ejeta who is helping feed the world…thanks to some Oklahoma help decades ago.
Don Schieber Profile - Seed Wheat
U.S. Wheat Associates is the marketing arm of wheat growers around the nation. Don Schieber chaired that group this past year, and during that period we ...
OALP Forum
We visit with members of the Oklahoma Agricultural Leadership Program about opportunities for Oklahoma and the agricultural communities that serve it.
Down on the Farm
This past wheat harvest, one of the Oklahoma Agricultural Leadership Program members invited us to join her to see what life was like to be a farmer these days.
OALP Economics
For years old rural towns have shrunk as our nation's economy has shifted towards technology and away from life on the farm, but that may be changing.
OALP Washington
A new Farm Bill is set to be written next year, and what is in it… is important to both farmers and consumers. We discuss the role that bill, and conservation, ...
OALP Reflections
We wrap up our visit with the OALP members and find out how being in the program has helped each of them.
Cotton Harvest 2011 - Drought Affects Cotton Crop
We take a look at the impact this year's severe drought had on the latest cotton crop.
Wheat Harvest 2010
According to state wheat officials, this year's harvest is abnormally…normal; welcome news for an industry that suffered last year through one of the smallest ...
Crop Consultant
With almost half of our nation’s workforce now being women, female employees aren’t exactly a rarity. But it is a big change from past decades. We meet a young ...
Fields once full of Oklahoma’s golden waves of wheat, have taken on the decidedly more yellow hue of canola.
Wine College
While the number of farms around the country is shrinking, in Oklahoma, it's a different story. Small to mid-sized farms are on the increase due, in great ...
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1347
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we challenge you to think about food -- where it comes from, how much we have and how much it costs.