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Tactical Electronics: Up in the Air
Tactical Electronics provides video surveillance through UAV technology from a safe distance to protect those who protect us.
High-Speed Aircraft Competition
Speedfest is an exciting event that is intended to foster enthusiasm for aviation and unmanned aircraft design.
Oklahoma Moment - TAT Airlines
We take a peek at a moment in Oklahoma's History from the Oklahoma History Center. This week's peek showcases TAT Airlines, the beginning of TWA.
Aerospace Jobs - Growing Oklahoma's Aerospace Industry
ASCO Incorporated, a Belgian-based aerospace manufacturer, is opening a company that will create about 600 new jobs in Stillwater, Oklahoma.
Oklahoma HORIZON TV - Full Show 1230
This week on Oklahoma HORIZON... new aerospace jobs land in our state; and, we take a look at some of Oklahoma's movie stars who work behind the scenes.
AAR Internships - Taking Flight Program
Internships help college graduates land their first job; and, help younger students decide on a career path.
Boeing - Helping Educators - Skilled Aerospace Engineers Needed
One in ten Oklahoma jobs is connected to aerospace and with Boeing expanding in Oklahoma City the demand for a highly-skilled workforce is growing.
UAV Speedfest - Remaining Safe During Warfare By Air
Modern American warfare has changed dramatically in recent years as pilots are being trained to operate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) which allow them to ...
American Airlines Gift
Aerospace is a growing industry in Oklahoma and it just got a boost with a gift from American Airlines.
Interview with Mary Fallin - Oklahoma Aerospace
We visit with Governor Mary Fallin to find out why she believes aerospace is key to Oklahoma's economic success.
Mint Turbines, LLC
With 1 in 10 Oklahoma jobs connected to aerospace, it's an industry that is an economic engine for the entire state… including rural Oklahoma. We visit Mint ...
Interview with H.L. Baird - Aerospace Workforce
We visit with Oklahoma CareerTech's H. L. Baird to learn about the work going on to create a skilled workforce to sustain Oklahoma's aerospace growth.
Jamey Jacob - Unmanned Arial Vehicles
We visit with OSU's Jamey Jacob about the future of UAVs and aerospace in Oklahoma.
Boeing Jobs
In an effort to cut costs, the Boeing Company is moving it's C-130 Avionics Modernization Program to Oklahoma City…and with it, more than 500 engineering jobs.
Valco Manufacturing Company
We travel to Duncan, Oklahoma, to see how how Valco Enterprises is using it's small town roots to reach a global market.
Francis Tuttle - Aerospace Training
New jobs in Oklahoma mean a growing demand for a skilled workforce; and in the aerospace industry, no one does a better job of providing such training than ...
Flight Safety International
We visit Flight Safety International, Inc. and learn why aviation isn't just about the aircraft, but also about the men and women who fly them.
Flying Cowboy
Across rural America, 89% of all farm income comes from off farm sources. People working 2-3 jobs just to make ends meet. We introduce you to a man who has ...
Oklahoma Moment - Aviation Continued
We take a peek at a moment in Oklahoma's History from the Oklahoma History Center. This week's peek continues to showcase aviation.