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School Growing Its Own Veggies
Getting their daily serving of fruits and veggies is a little easier for students at a Tulsa elementary school.
Interview with Kirk Smalley - Bullying…A Father's Tale - Part 1
We visit with Kirk Smalley, a father whose life was forever changed the day his 12-year-old son took his life because of school bullying.
Interview with Kirk Smalley - Bullying…A Father's Tale - Part 2
We visit with Kirk Smalley, a father whose life was forever changed the day his 12-year-old son took his life because of school bullying.
Final Thoughts
Rob McClendon shares his views on today's show.
Wheat Harvest 2012 - Amber Waves of Grain
After last year's struggle with drought wheat growers in western Oklahoma are having a bumper crop.
New Zealand Farm Subsidies - No Farm Subsidies For This Country
While still an active American debate, farm subsidies in New Zealand were abolished in the 1980s.
Kyle Dillingham Interview - Play That Fiddle Hard
We visit with a world-renowned fiddle sensation who is also Oklahoma's Musical Ambassador, Kyle Dillingham.
The Life Symphony - Kyle Dillingham
Kyle Dillingham performs The Life Symphony, a brand new work by Oklahoma composer Callen Clark for solo violin and symphony orchestra.
Final Thoughts - Fiddler Kyle Dillingham Performs
We leave you with more music from Kyle Dillingham.
Meridian Food Pantry
Hunger in America does not look like the images we have grown accustomed to seeing in developing nations. In this country, we have never had a famine yet ...
Deaf Mechanic
Over three hundred aerospace-related companies generate an industrial output of more than one billion dollars each year right in Oklahoma. And with it a steady ...
Prescription Addiction - Rehab for Drug Abusers
Prescription drug abuse cuts across all age groups and economic classes; often times sneaking up on people and taking over their lives.
Prescription Drug Addiction - Prison
Prescription drug addiction is a problem that often does not end up in rehab; today we explore the impact prescription addiction is having on our prisons.
Pharmacy Danger
The controversy surrounding the shooting of a 16-year-old robbery suspect at an Oklahoma City pharmacy last year has overshadowed another disturbing trend, ...
Prescription drug abuse has become so wide spread amoung young people that they even have a name for it, they call it pharming.
Prison Redemption
If there's a path that leads to prison, drugs would most certainly be on it. We meet a man who is serving a sentence that has put him on the long road in ...
Horse Slaughter
In 2006, the last horse slaughter plant closed in the U.S., much to the delight of animal rights advocates and many horse enthusiasts. Yet in the ensuing ...
Horse Adoption
Oklahoma's Bureau of Land Management has a wild horse and burro program that is giving wild horses a place to kick up their heels.
Interview with Madeleine Pickens
We visit with Madeleine Pickens about her efforts to save old horses from the slaughter house.
Alfalfa hay is a favorite feed for many horse owners but Oklahoma alfalfa can contain a bug called the blister beetle which is highly toxic to horses. A ...
Interview with Dave Lopez - Oklahoma
We visit with Oklahoma's Secretary of Commerce to see why he believes Oklahoma is the place to be.
Wheat Harvest
This year's wheat harvest is looking to be the worst in the last several decades. We follow the Wilcox family from Fairview, Oklahoma to see the wheat harvest ...
Whole Wheat Mill
Hydro, Oklahoma wheat farmers decided they wanted to add value to their wheat so they built a whole wheat mill and are now farming not only wheat but flour too.
Eat Right
Francis Tuttle Tech Center in Oklahoma City is teaching more than just technology this summer…they're teaching children the fine art of cooking healthy.
Farm, Field, and Feed
John's Farm in Fairview, Oklahoma, is teaching students about what it means to be down on the farm.
Made in Oklahoma - The Brasserie Restaurant and Bar
An Oklahoma chef is offering French cuisine with an Oklahoma twist at his restaurant in Tulsa.
Metro Tech Career Academy
We visit an innovative school that is helping young people who have dropped out of school obtain their high school diploma.
Green School
With education funding down, schools are trying to find ways to save money; and, Metro Tech Career Academy in Oklahoma City may have found a way…by going green.
Green Hospital - Muskogee Community Hospital
The new hospital in Muskogee, Oklahoma, could well be the greenest healthcare facility in the U.S. An environmental accomplishment for sure; and one that could ...
Solar Power
One potential energy source is pretty much a constant without harming the environment. A growing number of Americans are counting their energy savings thanks ...