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Aerospace Jobs - Growing Oklahoma's Aerospace Industry
ASCO Incorporated, a Belgian-based aerospace manufacturer, is opening a company that will create about 600 new jobs in Stillwater, Oklahoma.
Oklahomans in the Movies - Oklahoma Has Talent
We take look at a new exhibit at the Oklahoma History Center features movie stars from Oklahoma.
Big Screen Star Donald Duck
Value Added: The voice behind the big screen star Donald Duck.
Oklahoma HORIZON TV - Full Show 1230
This week on Oklahoma HORIZON... new aerospace jobs land in our state; and, we take a look at some of Oklahoma's movie stars who work behind the scenes.
Oil Impact Overview - Oklahoma Oil Impact
For the first time in 60 years, fuel is America's #1 export which is reflective of an energy revolution that's well underway.
Truck Driver Training - Big Rigs
With the energy industry booming, semi-truck drivers are in higher demand than ever; and, Central Tech in Drumright is training new drivers to help meet the ...
OALP - Scotland - A Look at Scottish Life Thru Oklahoman Eyes
From historic castles to its rugged landscapes, Scotland is a small country but with big character; a people proud of their heritage than spans thousands of ...
OALP - Diversity in Ag - Diversity Just Makes Sense
Farmers in Ireland are learning that diversification is key to the survival of the family farm.
OALP - Irish Tourism - Tourism is Important the World Round
Tourism is an important aspect in Ireland…from ancient castles to the Irish nightlife.
OALP - Irish Ag - Wet Weather Envy
We take a look at the very diverse Irish agriculture and learn how their wet climate factors in.
Oklahoma Youth Expo 2012 - Champion Livestock & Leaders
We attend the Oklahoma Youth Expo, the largest Junior Livestock Stock in the world.
Bricktown Baseball - Take Me Out to the Ballgame
We take a look at how Minor League Baseball is having a big impact on Oklahoma's economy.
Oklahoma Clean Rivers - Importance of Water Quality
Water... a valuable resource to our state, not only in quantity but quality as well.
Choctaw Defense - Choctaw Nation Helping Defend Our Nation
We visit Choctaw Defense, the leading Native American defense manufacturer in the nation.
Made in Oklahoma - Pete's Place - I'm Full
We visit a Made in Oklahoma restaurant that has history all its own.
Oklahoma HORIZON TV - Show 1225
This week on Oklahoma HORIZON... cattle producers recovering from last year's drought; Old Timers Day cattle drive; Food deserts lead to junk food eating; Good ...
Boeing - Helping Educators - Skilled Aerospace Engineers Needed
One in ten Oklahoma jobs is connected to aerospace and with Boeing expanding in Oklahoma City the demand for a highly-skilled workforce is growing.
UAV Speedfest - Remaining Safe During Warfare By Air
Modern American warfare has changed dramatically in recent years as pilots are being trained to operate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) which allow them to ...