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Gayle Scott

Gayle Scott was born and raised in Oklahoma, but was transplanted for a few months in Texas before marrying her high school sweetheart at the tender age of 16 (nearly 17). Today, she is still married to that sweetheart who gives her thrills and chills at the drag races by taking the race car from a dead stop to the end of a quarter mile in six seconds at 200 mph.

When not at the drag races, they spend their time in their jet boat on a lake somewhere or riding the countryside on their Honda Goldwing trike. Or they're spending time with family -- one daughter and two granddaughters ages 6 and 8; another daughter and son-in-law; Gayle’s mom, dad and one sister and her family; and Gayle's husband’s four brothers and each of their families.

When on earth is there ever time for work? Oh, work! Well, Gayle has had 35 years of service with the Oklahoma Department of CareerTech, first as a part time floating clerk-typist, then full time as a secretary in the home economics education division then in the trade & industrial education division before moving to the professional development division. She then worked as an administrative assistant in administration before moving to educational technology resources, where she learned the ropes of telecommunications through video conferencing and audio/video production and created online courses for the CareerTech Learning Network. She's spent the last 10 years learning audio and video editing in on-the-job training with all the technology and tools that are part of the production of "Oklahoma Horizon."

You won’t see Gayle on "Oklahoma Horizon." She works behind the scenes directing and engineering studio shoots and doing postproduction in the edit bay. Here’s a head shot, so you can put a face with the name and her work.